Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Father John Corapi Thanks You

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Here is the letter from Father Corapi thanking you for your prayers.

I want to take a moment to thank all of our friends and supporters for over 3,000 get well cards, birthday cards, and ordination anniversary cards that I received in the past few weeks. I do not take this for granted. I am very grateful to each of you for your prayers and for your kindness.

I am not sure if you know how valuable your little acts of kindness, generosity, and support mean to your priests. For me, they are a reminder that I was ordained for you. My day to day ministry does not involve contact with the People of God personally, but as many of you have told me, “I feel like I know you. You have been in my home so many times through television, radio, the internet, or CDs and DVDs, etc.” Indeed, technology is a gift from God, and it helps us to be united in so many ways. One day I was marveling at the great charisms God had given to some of His saints. St. Pio was able to bilocate, being in two places at once. I asked the Holy Spirit if it would be good for someone a lot less than a saint, like me, to have such a gift. The answer was immediate and hit me like a lightning bolt, “You are speaking to large numbers of people every minute of every hour of every day in so many diverse parts of the world through all of the means of social communication.” It’s not a miracle above nature, but it is a miracle when you think about it. Our Father takes care of us in so many ways.

This weekend we celebrate Fathers’ Day. First of all let’s be thankful to our heavenly Father for all He does for us. Let’s thank our priests, who are spiritual fathers too. “No priests, no Eucharist.” I’m so thankful for priests. Then, let’s make sure we commend our natural fathers, living or deceased, to our heavenly Father.

I’ll pray for each of you on this Fathers’ Day, for in some mysterious way God our Father has related us spiritually. A father transmits life to his children. I’ll try to be faithful to that mission of the transmission of spiritual life. Pray for me, please, that I might always do this.

God bless you,

Fr. John Corapi

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