Thursday, June 5, 2008

Helping Monks & Saving Money On Your Print Cartridges!

Who else wants to save money on those outrageous prices on print cartridges and help out some Benedictine Monks in the process?

Have you ever heard of Laser Monks? It is an intriguing story surrounded by a prayer request by the monks. Here is how the "Laser Monks" got started.

All I wanted was a little bit of black dust for one of our monastery printers. In my search for a toner cartridge, I was suddenly struck with how incredibly expensive this black dust and a few squirts of ink were. "There must be a better way," I said to myself.And so began my foray into the world of imaging supplies. What I discovered was a revelation. Simply stated, the mark-up on ink supplies is sinfully high, reaching in some instances into the 1,000-2,000 % levels. I also discovered that there were many companies that manufactured either new compatible cartridges or remanufactured cartridges at a fraction of the cost of the big name brands. My thoughts starting racing. Imagine the money we could save schools, churches, and other organizations if we could negotiate some deals with the manufacturers directly and cut out the middlemen. And that is how was born.

Fr. Bernard McCoy, O. Cist.
Steward of Temporal Affairs, Cistercian Abbey
CEO, LaserMonks

LaserMonks started around 2003 and have exploded since then. Why wouldn't they when you save 30 - 60% on ink cartridges. Home Page
Discover their full story here.

Do you use them? Will you? What have you heard? Let us know.

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Easter A. said...

What a very interesting post, John Michael! I have never heard of this before.

Sad to say, middlemen can be a nuisance, but then they need to earn a living too. It would be nice though if their profit is not outrageous.

John Michael, please join me in praying for the unemployed today. I thank you. I will add this link to my post today. Come and visit.

God bless you abundantly, dear brother! Regards to Regan.