Sunday, June 29, 2008

Never Released Before!

Pictures of me at work! These are the first pictures I have posted of myself. And it will probably be the last.

I run this machine.

The before picture.

St. Peter and Paul, pray for us!


Therese said...

um, does Regan have to wash your work uniform? I think if you came home to our house with a uniform like that, I would probably insist on paying someone to clean it. :::grin:::.

Not really.

Thanks for putting up your photo. I am glad to put a face to a name. I think I have seen all of you now.

John Michael said...

Thankfully, work supplies the uniforms and their cleaning! It's lightened up Regan's laundry load quite a bit.

I must confess that this was not a typical work day. I had to clean the machine for shut down.

Thankfully, my scapular made it through unscathed. Or, should I say ungreased?