Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Father Corapi Ask For Your Prayers

Father John CorapiUpdate April 2, 2008. Father John Corapi has a parathyroid tumor!

Full Father John Corapi Update Here.

John Michael Note: It is true! This is confirmed by Father John Corapi's religious order, Society of Our Lady of the Most Blessed Trinity. Mass intentions are being accepted for Father Corapi's benefit. Here is the letter he wrote requesting prayers.

From: John Corapi
To: Stephanie

Dear Stephanie,

Thank you most sincerely for your very kind invitation regarding your May 30, 2008 Celebration of Priesthood. Normally I would be very happy to be there if it were possible.

I am at this moment waiting for a private jet to take me to the Mayo Clinic.
I have been quite ill for over six months and the local physicians can't solve the riddle. In addition, for the first time in 20 years I am not traveling at all in 2008.

Please pray that God's will be done in my current situation.

We shall pray for your parish and diocese, your Bishop and all of your seminarians.

God bless you,

Fr. John Corapi

Mass Intentions Cards:
Fr. John Corapi, SOLT
PO Box 152
Robstown, TX 78380


Marie said...

Fr. Corapi is a real soldier for Christ I love him and will pray for him:).

Wishing you a Holy & Sacred Easter:)

Your friend,


John Michael said...

Father Corapi blessed a Rosary of mine and it turned goldish. Of course I lost it.

Yes, he is a real soldier.

May have our hearts be prepared to be washed clean with the Precious Blood this Sacred Easter.

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father, I pray that you will quickly heal they faithful servant, Father Corapi. For he is a true servant of your love. Most gracious and loving God who knows the souls of all men. I humbly pray that thou will heal Father Corapi so your words can flow from his mouth to touch our souls, and bring us closer to the heavenly grace. I ask this in unity of the holy spirit through Jesus Christ our lord and savior. Amen.

Anonymous said...

In times past when the church was under attack, God would rise up special souls to preach the truth without apology, it's my belief that in our time Fr. Corapi is one of these souls. As it also happens, these special souls suffer a great deal. I pray for you Fr. Corapi.

Anonymous said...

I have been praying the Memorare for Father John Corapi since I heard of his illness. I pray that God continue to bless him and return him to good health so that he can continue his work bringing us all to Jesus through his holy and blessed Mother.

Does anyone have an update on Father's condition?

Anonymous said...

I have been praying the Memorare for Father John Corapi since I heard of his illness. I pray that God continue to bless him and return him to good health so that he can continue his work bringing us all to Jesus through his holy and blessed Mother.

Hopeful one said...

I pray that Fr. Corapi has improved, I haven't read anything very recent.
I pray the Memorare for him. The world needs him - I do hope it is God's will to cure and strengthen him and send him back to preaching His Word.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Corapi
You have bee such an inspiration to my wife and I.
Be assurred that you will be in my prayers daily.

deak said...

Although all priests that serve the Lord and his people faithfully are great, I wish more were like Fr. Corapi. Get well soon so you can visit our parish and keep telling them like it is Father!
In our prayers always,

alina rodrigues said...

Dear Fr Corapi
I am proud to know that real witness for Christ do exsist and i praise God for that .I pray that you are completely healed from your parathyroid tumor. Both my husband and I enjoy every word of your catechesis live or on the CD We Love you father Get well soon

Alina Rodrigues

Anonymous said...

Father: I just want to assure of my prayers.I will ask Father Suarez to pray for you, I would like to know what Mayo Clinic's report is. My Our dear Mother Mary take care of you her son.


arlene catherine said...

Please know that I and everyone that I know will be praying for God's healing for you. Father Corapi, you have helped so very many people, that we are honored to pray for you. Even in your sickness, you have us praying to God. God loves you and so do I. Arlene Catherine

Julie Silva said...

Dear Father Corapi,
I will pray for your healing if it is God's will. I know you will accept His will. I have watched you so many times on EWTN. I recorded you for a long time so as not to miss out on your sermons and missions. You helped me greatly with my spirituality and the love of my Lord Jesus Christ. I have many of your tapes, videos and DVD's. You will be in my prayers. Be at peace.
God bless you, Julie Silva

George &Virginia Smith said...

Dear Fr. Corapi,
We,my husband and I have watched many of your CD's and they have brought so many beautiful hours into our home and our hearts.
My only hope in life, Father would be , that we could have at least 10 of you in our Whole Church.I really mean just in the USA.You are not afraid to speak the truth, and call it like it is.
My children were all sent to Catholic schools, never to attend one day in Puplic schools. Two of the boys were altar boys for many years.
Father they all have college decrees, one has 3 homes, the other2 homes, and the smartest one has only one very large home, and works as a RN 12 days out of 14.
he has others degrees. My point Father is that with all the wonderful blessings that God has provided for all 3 of these Children, they don't take one day to go to Church(Sunday) and give thanks to GOD. They know I disaprove and I have tried to bring them back, but the only way will be through I and my husbands Prayers and God's timeing.
Now we now a very faithful servant
of God's to pray for,so we will turn you over to OUR Little Saint PHILOMENA, who turns NO one away and will beseech God and the Blessed Virgin, for your healing if it is their will.May the Spirt of the Lord be with you as you always have said, when you meet your Savior, he will say (WELL DONE,MY SERVANT,WELL DONE)We love you, and keep up the good fight, because you are being prayed for all over the world. Your friends in Christ.GOD BLESS, Virginia and George Smith

Ryan Rego said...

I have been watching EWTN for many years now and Fr. John Corapi has been and still is a real inspiration for a sinner like me.
I know that came for the poor, the neglected and most of all for sinners and not the Jesus is we the sinners.

I pray that Fr. Corapi will recover soon and continue to inspire and enlighten people like us to see the light and repent.

I am a Pakistani Roman Catholic and I truly feel the spirit move within me everytime Fr. Corapi speaks.

My God Heal & Bless you Fr. Corapi
You truly walk in the footsteps of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear Fr. Corapi>

Our hearts are breaking for you dear friend of Christ. We have enjoyed and totally believed your every program. You are a gift from God to all believers and a magnet to those who search for the truth. If God has to take you, all I can say is what a mansion He has prepared for you His faithful servant. He will say to you "enter into your glory my good and faithful servant. Many Prayers and may the will of God be done.
Remember us all when you reach heaven. We love you as surely as you are our brother.