Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mass Bloopers Catholic Answers Style

My wife keeps laughing every time she reads the Mass Bloopers thread at Catholic Answers Forums. So, I thought why not share the joy?

The first post I shall call,

"My Kind Of Priest"

We were attending Mass at a neighbouring parish in a truly awful "re-covated" church. A visiting priest was saying the Mass and in his homily he said:

"Churches such as these inspire me to pray 'My God ! What have they done'?!"

Of course my first Mass Bloopers post wasn't even a blooper. Oh, well.

What Mass Bloopers do you remember? Post your comment.


Easter A. said...

Interesting! I can't think of any right now, but do come and visit my blog for priests for a meme I tagged you for, well, only if you wish to do it. :-)

anne said...

I took my little grandson to Sunday Mass. Father walked into the Church before Mass to put the chalice on the alter, without his vestments. My little grandson took one look at him and called out in a shocked voice, "Nanna, why isn't Father dressed?

John Michael said...


Children, you got to love them.