Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our Penance Service

We had about a third of our parish show up for a penance service. How active is your Church in the confessional?

How Many People Show Up To Yours?

Post your comment below. I would love to read it.


Anonymous said...

At our old church, turn out was lame. You would be done in about 20 minutes.

Easter A. said...

Not too good I might say. But we do have neighboring parishes that are also active parishes, so I guess that is where they go. Thank you for this question!

John Michael, come and visit my blog for a well-deserved award for you. :-)

Esther said...

Well, we haven't attended ours yet that will be next week but the priest at the church told us a neighboring parish had invited him and his associate pastor to help out. There were a total of 4 priests and a total of 4 people going to confession. Sad.

John Michael said...


This is so sad! We had a total of 8 priests. My wife had to wait at least 45 minutes and our town is only 2,500 people.

On the personal level, if you were making a really thorough confession and receiving some good spiritual direction, you wouldn't have to worry about the lines.

One day, it would be great to see confession lines like I hear about "in the days of old...."

Esther said...

I guess so John Michael. I will let you know how many are at our Penance Service next Saturday. Usually that one is crowded. BTW, I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader. For some reason, it hasn't been updating your blog.

Easter A. said...

Oh Esther, that is sad. Now which one was that (you know my email address if you do not wish to answer here :-) ).

Thank you John Michael! I will let you know how it went at my parish.

God bless!

dadwithnoisykids said...

Our Priest offers 40 hours of confession during Holy Week. His regular schedule is cofessions before and after all Sunday Masses, 4 hours on Wednesday and for at least an hour on Sunday during Holy Hour. He goes till all the confessions are heard. Many Sundays it has turned out to be 2 hours. There are always people there in line, even though he has a small parish of 500 families. The key is he preaches on confession, and more importantly he lives the Faith.

Wife of dadwithnoisykids