Thursday, January 24, 2008

"The Dreaded Email"

We received an email from a dear Priest friend of ours. Here it is.

An Open Letter From A Dying Priest:

A Prayerful, Faithful, Orthodox Priest
Sends Message Concerning
His Condition. . .

From Fr. Ed --

Here's an update on my health status.

A week ago Friday I met with my oncologist, Judy and some family members and prayerfully discerned to stop treatment. It wasn't very hard to make based on the options that I have. Anything aggressive is a long shot and some of it involves surgery with a high risk of infection with my weak body. Praying about the decision came through loud and clear to stop treatment.

I am at peace with that.

We even talked about hospice care at the appropriate time. Some tears were shed and it was nice to have family members there to share it together. Last week I visited my homeopathic doctor and he informed me that a body flooded with biliruben and a weakening liver can die in a matter of weeks but that it is a peaceful, pretty well painless way to die. That was a shock to hear that the illness could break the body totally down so rapidly.

All I can say is that for the past three and a half weeks my energy, appetite, general overall feeling has been constant--no regression and no progress. I would guess that without a miracle we’re talking about months rather than weeks. I began hospice care this week and that comes with some good benefits of paying for all of my prescriptions and reimburses me for ointments that help with the itching. I also get a massage each week.

I'm saying that on the scale of balance of going home soon or remaining here to continue ministry for a while, all of the facts tip the scale on the side of going home sooner rather than later. On the other side is the power of prayer which cannot be measured. I continue to ask Luminosa Bavosi to intercede for me and I feel her presence a lot.

As I say, I am at peace. Each day I have my bags packed for going home (heaven) and my brief case packed for doing the ministry of the day. I can’t think of anything more to put in the bag to go home. My brief case has about two appointments a day and a big reminder that . . .


Thanks for your unity and prayers, and love. I lean on them a lot.

Fr. Ed

P.S. Thanks for your prayers of intercession with Our Lady of Guadalupe and the praying of the Psalms.

A Note: Our hearts sank when we received this email today. This priest had a huge impact in our lives. Can you do me a simple favor?

  • Will you email this to your fellow prayer warriors?
  • Share a comment, I will pass it on.

Thank you and my God bless you all!

Update: See Here.


Therese said...

many prayers for Fr. Ed. I am so sorry he is so sick. I will also link to this on Aussie Coffee Shop John.

Marie said...

How sad and yet profound. Life is so fleeting...I pray that there will be someone beside Fr. Ed when it is time.

I shall most definately pray for him. Many thanks for sharing this with us all.

Peace to you:)


Easter A. said...

John Michael,
Thank God for your blog! Now we are able to pray for Fr. Ed. I will post Fr. Ed's letter on my blog A Tribute to Our Priests and will include your blog site as source...
Thanks a God bless you!

Maureen said...

You will be in my prayers Father.
Please keep this degenerating world in yours, also.

May Christ and His Most Holy Mother guide you on this journey home.

Thank you for giving your life to help us seek the same path.

Much love to you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. Ed,
I have just prayed for you & God willing will again-I now need your prayers at this time. I do not hesitate to ask this because your life as a priest and someone suffering a terrible illness gives you a unique ability to intercede for me and my family.

2 1/2 yrs. ago my wife died leaving me with many small children-one of whom has been suffering with a serious illness.

I remarried last year and my family right now is very challenged financially & emotionally. My new wife and I are also awaiting the birth of a child. My wife and I greatly need to have your prayers. Our marriage has suffered a great deal and has been touch and go on many occasions. Currently the financial difficulties are considerable and the potential for further marital stress are obvious.

Please pray for us and my beautiful wife and kids.
thank you Fr. Ed-and may God Bless you abundantly.

CJ said...

I will be glad to pray for Fr Ed and also to pass on to prayer groups. I will put his name on some other things as well. Could you send me his name? If so send to God Bless him and may he continue to feel so much love around him.

Nola said...

I was so Saddened and Of Course I Have Prayed for Father, Where Would We Be Without Our Priests, True Men Of GOD, Who Guide Us Here On Earth, With So Much Humility.
GOD Bless

John Michael said...

Dear Anonymous,

Be assured of Father Ed and this blogging family prayers.

It was Father Ed whom prayed offer us when we were having difficulty conceiving our first born. Our prayers was answered.

gordonfredericklucas said...

Father Ed -
You are an example of dignity in death for all of us. I will certainly pray for you. I will also ask my departed Mother and my Guardian Angel to say the Chaplet of Mercy over you when you leave us.

When you arrive home, would you please pray for me? I am just a poor sinner.


TH said...

May God Bless you and help you Father Ed. I pray and wish for your full recovery.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Father if it's not too much to ask would you please also pray for me.

I have a serious sickness. I have been sick for 6 years and pray God may heal me. I also ask everyone to please remember me in your prayers.

Thank you Father Ed and I will ask our Lord and Blessed Mother every night for your healing. May God bless Father, all people and their families.


bdette said...

Thank you for giving yourself Fr. Ed, and what courage!

I will include you in my prayers...

Anonymous said...

How about contacting Sr. Briege Mckenna and ask her to pray for Father over the phone ?. Maybe her phone number can be obtained through a searc of her website.

John Michael said...

Is that the Irish nun with the gift of healing and uses the phone as her evangelization tool?

If so, Father Ed loaned me a book to read about her. It was a very good read.

What are the chances of that?

Anonymous said...

My husband also has cancer and was placed in hospice care on August 2007. He is a Deacon for the Catholic church. He also has had to stop his ministry but finds that he has a new ministry, Praying for souls. Father Ed pray for souls, and my husband Deacon randy, and we are going to keep you in prayer

Anonymous said...

Maria Rosa Mystica through Angel St. Raphael heal Fr. Ed and may the good Lord cover him with his Precious Blood and heal him spiritually, physically and physically.
Ourt Father, Hail Mary and Glory be..
God Bless

Anonymous said...

I shall pray to Blessed Fr. Francis Seelos - for intercession on behalf of Fr. Ed - Fr. Seelos will understand - maybe Fr. Ed will be one of his miracles. If, of course, it is our Lord's will. Amen. CMC

Beatriz said...

Our prayer are with you, at this time Fr. Ed. How beautifully inspiring to read your words. Please pray that the Lord grant us all who love Him the same grace of peace when our time comes to go home to Him. My special prayers for you will go to Our Lord Jesus, our Blessed Mother, St. Michael, and our Holy Pope John Paul II.
God Bless you.


John Michael said...

Father Ed returns the favor. Here is what Father Ed and Judy said.

Fr. Ed is lifting all of those who are requesting his prayers and who are praying for him to the Father with "Jesus Forsaken" through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are placing them all in Our Lady's mantle. Please be assured of our daily continued prayers.

Please thank all of those who have responded by email and prayer of his gratitude for their generous commitment to continue to pray for him and spiritually journey with him according to the Father's Will.

Anonymous said...

Poor Fr. Ed. I hope his peace only grows greater. I'll be praying for a miracle via the intercession of Luminosa Bavosi, whom I shall go read up on, now. Thanks for letting us know.

Anonymous said...

Please, please.....anyone with a terminal disease....go to and click the testimonials for the disease you have and read it. Not saying anything but....this is worth praying about and reading about. These testimonials are real what does anyone have to lose by going to and clicking on "testimonials" for the disease they might have.....and read about the outcome another person with the same disease had when they made these healthy changes. Nothing to buy. God bless. Jewells