Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Stop! Don't Answer That Question..."

"Saint Robert Bellarmine Reveals
Hidden Secrets For
Catholic Evangelization."

Read With Caution, The Answer May Surprise You.

Do you answer every question posed to you concerning the Faith? Did you ever stop to think that you are making a mistake by doing so?

Read further as St. Robert Bellarmine gives timeless advice for effective Catholic Evangelization.

In our intercourse with men we are likely to encounter three
kinds of religious disputants. Questions prompted by idle
curiosity are better
left unanswered. Thus, when the Apostles
asked when the kingdom was to be restored, and when St. Peter,
pointing to John, demanded "What of him?" the Saviour deigned
them no reply. But if the question be a useful one propounded
with good intent, we must be ever ready to give a reason for
the faith that is in us. When the Apostles desired to know the
meaning of a parable, or why they had failed to exorcise the
demoniac boy, and when St. Peter asked to be instructed as to
how often transgressors should be forgiven, the Saviour
graciously acceded to their request.

More often, though, our questioners' intention is evil, to
embarrass and put us to shame, and then it is well to answer
ambiguously or to answer question with question. Thus Christ,
when asked if it were lawful to pay tribute to Caesar, replied
indeed; but He did not take the trouble to explain that as the
coin with Caesar's image and inscription should be given to
Caesar, so the soul made to God's image and likeness should be
given to God.

So, the next time someone questions you on the Faith, STOP! Don't answer. First, say a prayer asking for the coming of the Holy Spirit to guide you in your response.

Then trust the Lord will use your words and reactions according to His Holy Will. You will be amazed at how this little "secret" will change hearts.



Marie said...

The one thing I dont do is answer a question when I have no idea what the answer is.

If I dont know the answer I will tell the person..But always, always PRAY, yes indeed.

Peace to you:)


Easter A. said...

That's Marie, our dear friend! :-) She's so affirming! God bless her heart! :-)

John Michael,
Wonderful post! Thanks for the visit and for posting Fr. Ed's letter. I will include the intention on my other blog as well. God bless you abundantly, dear brother in Christ!