Monday, August 31, 2009

Priest Lashes Out On Kennedy Debacle

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Dear Everyone,

As a Roman Catholic priest, I feel a duty in conscience today to register, to the couple of hundred people to whom I have ready access, my emphatic dissent from a message that was projected around the nation and the globe this morning to millions of viewers and listeners by certain other members of the Roman Catholic clergy.

Kennedy's Funeral Mass is a Scandal

I refer to this morning's televised funeral Mass, celebrated in Boston's Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, for the recently deceased Senator Edward Moore Kennedy. It was a Mass I regard as a scandal comparable to, if not worse than, the scandal given several months ago when the nation's most prestigious 'Catholic' university bestowed an honorary doctorate upon Barack Hussein Obama, the most pro-abortion and 'pro-gay' president in U.S. history.

Why, you ask, should a Catholic priest raise such objections to a Catholic funeral for a Catholic legislator? Well, I am afraid this funeral was no ordinary Catholic funeral. For to those innumerable viewers and listeners of many religions (or none) who were aware of Sen. Kennedy's public, straightforward, radical, long-standing, and (as far as we know) unrepented defiance of his own Church's firm teaching about the duty of legislators to protect unborn human life and resist the militant homosexual agenda, this morning's Mass, concelebrated by several priests, presided over Cardinal Sean O'Malley, Archbishop of Boston, and adorned by a eulogy from the aforesaid U.S. President, effectively communicated a tacit but very clear message: the Church does not really take too seriously her own 'official' doctrines on these matters! I feel impelled, therefore, to make known to anyone willing to read these lines that there are many other representatives of the Catholic Church, such as the undersigned, who take those doctrines very seriously indeed.

How would our Church leaders act if they really did take seriously an official Church position from which a prominent deceased Catholic had publicly dissented? To answer that question, we need only imagine a situation in which some well-known Catholic legislator had for years supported the Church's social teaching 'across the board', in regard to human life, marriage, compassion toward the poor and underprivileged, etc., but had then, in old age, lapsed into supporting some ideological position that was strongly opposed not only by the Church, but also by the dominant Western elites in government, law, education, commerce and the media.
Suppose, for instance, that he had come to endorse white supremacism or holocaust denial. Now, when the moment for this Catholic legislator's funeral came, could we imagine for one moment that our cardinals, bishops and other leading clergy, mindful of this man's sterling and thoroughly orthodox contributions to the common good over so many years in Congress, would 'compassionately' overlook his latter-day lapse into racism or antisemitism? Would they agree to give him a free pass in regard to this defect? Would they speak and act as if it were non-existent? Would they grant him a televised funeral Mass in a large basilica, presided over by a cardinal, in which he would be publicly eulogized by both family and public figures?

These questions really answer themselves. Of course none of that would occur! The local bishop might go as far as allow our hypothetical Catholic racist or antisemite a Church funeral, if it was known that (like Senator Kennedy) he had confessed sacramentally to a priest before death. However, the bishop would allow the use of church property for this funeral on the strict condition that only close personal family and friends would be admitted. All media transmission or even presence during the service itself would surely be forbidden. (It would, of course, be unnecessary for the bishop to ask his fellow bishops and other high Church dignitaries not to
attend the service; for all of them, like the bishop himself, would already prefer to be anywhere else on earth than at the funeral of one who had lapsed so unspeakably from society's ruling canons of acceptable behavior.) Yes, society's canons. There, I am afraid, lies the difference between our two scenarios. Is it that official Catholic doctrine is incomparably more opposed to racism and antisemitism than it is to abortion and sodomy? Not at all. The big difference is simply that most members of the Catholic hierarchy in Western society today - and there are of course a number of honorable exceptions - are lacking in prophetic courage. They are ready and eager to take vigorous and resolute public disciplinary action only against those deviations from Church teaching which also happen to be excoriated by the cultural and media elites. But if it is our prelates themselves who will be excoriated by those elites - as would certainly have occurred had they required for Ted Kennedy's funeral the kind of severe restraint we envisaged
above for that of our hypothetical bigot - then all eagerness for just discipline will evaporate as fast as dew in the morning sun. "Pastoral Compassion", "forgiveness", "tolerant respect" and "Christian charity" will now be instantly invoked as reasons for cloaking in total silence the public enormities committed decade after decade by an ecclesially heterodox but socially orthodox legislator.

So, It's St. Kennedy Now?

So it was, in this morning's funeral Mass, that the homilist, Fr. Mark Hession (pastor of Kennedy's Cape Cod parish), made his sermon a eulogy about what a wonderful Catholic Christian Ted was, assuring us that we could be "confident" that he is already with Jesus in glory. So it was that the principal celebrant, Fr. Donald Monan, S.J., Chancellor of Boston College, not only repeatedly told those present - and the whole watching world - that Sen. Kennedy was a man of "faith and prayer", with a deep devotion to the Eucharist, but also assured us that this "faith and prayer" in private was precisely what inspired and motivated his public policies, so that there was (surprise, surprise) a real integration and unity between his private and public life!
Well, a lot of us didn't quite manage to see any private-public unity based on Roman Catholic principles. On the contrary, Kennedy's huge political influence, based on both the family's prestige and the personal dynamism of this "Lion of the Senate", if anything made his U-turn on
abortion (yes, he was pro-life in his younger days) an even more scandalous counter-witness: a sign of conflict, not union, with that Church to which he professed loyalty.

Here are two comments I have just lifted off a Catholic blog:
1. "There's this big, 'What if?'" said Catholic author Michael Sean Winters. "If Ted Kennedy had stuck to his pro-life position, would both the (Democratic) party and the country have embraced the abortion on demand policies that we have now? I don't think so."
2. "Russell Shaw, former spokesman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said that when Kennedy defied the church on issues such as abortion and later, gay marriage, he reinforced a corrosive belief among Catholics that they can simply ignore teachings they don't agree with."

Public Scandal Is Grave Matter

I myself remember several years ago a conversation with a young woman who had been brought up Catholic but had recently been 'born again' as an Evangelical Protestant. One of the arguments she threw at me was, "Even your Church leaders don't really believe what Catholics are supposed to believe. Why don't they excommunicate Ted Kennedy? He's blatantly, 100% pro-choice! Yet they do nothing!"

What could I say to her? And what can I say now, after today's public scandal? That young lady's complaint was simply that this man remained a Catholic in good standing. I find I must now complain to you of something worse. Before the whole world this morning, my fellow Catholic clerics in Boston did not just accord him the "good standing" of a normal, flawed Catholic whose soul we can hope is in Purgatory. Rather, clad in triumphant white vestments instead of penitential violet (never mind the traditional black!), they have placed him on a pedestal, granting him an unofficial 'instant canonization'!

Scripture Warns Us

The Church's teaching is already abundantly clear that all this is very wrong. So perhaps we can legitimately discern the hand of God's Providence, which rules all things, in a 'coincidence' that suggests a manifestation of God's grave displeasure at this kind of mockery - injustice masquerading as "pastoral charity". In our liturgy, Sunday has begun as I write at the hour of Vespers on Saturday. But the earlier part of this day, August 29, including the time of the Kennedy funeral, was observed by Catholics round the world as the Feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist. In normal Masses celebrated today, the biblical account of his martyrdom was read (Mark 6: 17-29.) The parallels are striking: (a) We see two powerful civil authorities; (b) both of them flip-flop in a morally bad direction (Herod originally respected and defended John, and Kennedy originally respected and defended the unborn; (c) both of them abuse their
power by authorizing the shedding of innocent blood.

As if that were not enough, the longest Scripture reading in today's liturgy also grabs our attention. It is prescribed not for the Feast of John the Baptist, but independently, for the Saturday of Week 21, in the 'Office of Readings', This is a part of the daily 'Liturgy of the Hours' which is required spiritual reading for us Roman Rite clerics. And today's reading just happens to be Jeremiah 7: 1-20, in which the prophet vigorously denounces - guess what? - the hypocrisy of Israel's religious leaders who proudly identify with the temple and the rites they celebrate within it, while at the same time they are living unrighteously (including "shedding innocent blood", v. 6) and even "pouring out libations to strange gods" (v. 18). God therefore warns, "my anger and my wrath will pour out upon this
place" (v. 20). Orthodox Catholics will surely ask whether God can be any less angered now by those clerics who today carried out temple rites giving undeserved honor to a legislator who for decade after decade poured out the 'libations' of his eloquence, influence and Senate votes in the service the 'false gods' of Planned Parenthood and NARAL -which regularly rewarded him
with 100% ratings for his 'pro-choice' record.

Enough. If, in your charity, you pray for God to be merciful to the soul of Edward Moore Kennedy, please pray for all of us Catholic priests as well - and be cognizant of the fact that some of us are profoundly indignant at what we saw our brethren doing today.

Father Brian Harrison, O.S.
Oblates of Wisdom Study Center,
St. Louis, Missouri

What are your thoughts?


Bucky said...

How quickly the clergy who attended the Kennedy funeral abandoned what they know to be right in the face of power, money and popularity. Until our church leaders "walk the walk," the U.S. Church will continue to face difficulties. We need and want strong, consistent leadership in obedience to the Magisterium of the Church. Period. End of story. Jesus, we trust in you.

Anonymous said...

What is happening in our Church :(

Shirley said...

Good post. We really need to pray for courageous priests, who will stand up for and defend our Catholic faith. Their battle against the evils of our society must be overwhelming, especially when they don't have the support they deserve from fellow clerics, especially bishops.

Anonymous said...

I intend to send this article to Cardinal O'Malley....will you ?? Are there no provisions for Catholic priests to bring this traversty to the attention of the Vatican....I read on Ewtn that we are to pray for the church in Boston...come on!!! Isn't more warrented since they have given many the idea that anything goes?If the Kennedys can do it why can't I or any other Catholic???

Anonymous said...

As I watched the ceremony at Arlington I couldn't help but notice that it became very dark and I noticed flashes of lightening in the sky. It appeared very ominous and made me think that the Lord was not pleased with this situation. We need to pray for fortitude for our church.

Anonymous said...

Could the priests who attended the Kennedy funeral not have been interested in praying for a sinner's soul and offering up the holy sacrifice of the Mass for its happy repose? Shunning feels good, but ought not a priest be interested in mercy? By all accounts, Sen. Kennedy died with the sacraments. He was given last rites. We do not know -- and will never know -- of what he repented on his deathbed. Jesus' mercy is unfathomable. In the Divine Mercy accounts, we hear Jesus pleading to confide in Him, "Jesus, I trust in you." Are we not called to be Christ? "What would Jesus do?" Sen. Kennedy was an abject sinner, but his sins were simply public. Or do you not have your favorite sins that you confess time and again in the confessional? And what about his level of formation? Read that letter he wrote to Pope Benedict. This is a man who was seriously, possibly irredeemably confused. Let us praise God for His mercy and pray that it was visited on Kennedy and thank Him for priests who were willing to minister that mercy to a fallen man.

Cath said...

Thank you Father. I wish more had the courage to stand up and say what you just said. The only part of the funeral I saw was the grandkids and neices and nephews reading the intentions. Who allowed that to happen? Do these priest just lay down and roll over and say okay any way you want is just great because he was such a wonderful guy? I think the scandal caused is horrible. I believe and follow all the teachings, but I have neither money nor power, so I don't really count. Please father, keep saying what you are saying we need those like you more than ever. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Thank you Father Brian. Bravo to your outspoken truth. I particularly liked your pointing to the "coincidence" of the scriptural readings contrasted with the funeral and issues surrounding it. I am always amazed that God and Satan can often be found hiding in plain sight if one looks at issues and events with eyes that see. There is an enormous amount of dead wood in the Catholic Church and a showdown and cleanup are going to be inevitable. The times are upon us that we must choose a side.

Anonymous said...

This was an excellent article by Fr. Harrison. As long as the Church has these very serious disconnects between faith and practice, the world will laugh and recognize that, "at the end of the day" the Church really doesn't believe what it says. It's just words and lip service that abortion is murder or that sodomy is to be avoided. I wish the Catholic press that is orthodox would take the bishops to task about this and not give it any rest. I, for myself, will never forget the Kennedy funeral. I will especially remember it during fund raising appeals. I will be even more selective as to where I contribute. Perhaps if we all voted with our wallets, the message might get heard. On the other hand, if polls are to be believed, most Catholics are lukewarm and don't really care since over 60% don't even believe the Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist. We must pray and do penance a lot more than we do.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Father Harrison for separating the light from the darkness. One of the greatest ploys used by blinded Christians and pagans alike is to counterfiet scripture for thier own agenda... namely "let he who without sin cast the first stone" This twist of sacred scripture will typically shut down any condemnation of sin...because we have all sinned. They call you "judgemental" thus they put the true Christian on the defense. This is a easy and clever ploy if we also didn't have the word called "discernment". It is not "judgemental" nor is it "casting a stone" if we "discern" between the light of truth and the darkness of sin. is a sin to let sin persist. Let the light and the truth of Christ be our standard bearer.
Thankyou Father Harrison for the truth. As I am reminded how Jesus replied to Pilate when Pilate asked Jesus..."and what is TRUTH"...Jesus said could be that Pilate could not and would not recognize the TRUTH even though TRUTH itself stood right there in front of him. Many Christians have become Pilate.
James of Nashville

Celia said...

I agree 100%. Let's keep praying for our PRIESTS- to be faithful to the teachings of our Holy Mother Church.

Anonymous said...

How sad. The Catholic Church in America continually reminds me of me in high school. I was a nice pretty girl who did my best to do the right thing. As a result, Boys didn't want to go out with me. Who did they go out with and sleep with - the morally deficit girls who were easy. They got the boys - I was alone. 20 years later those girls are an emotional and pyschological mess. Those boys are divorced or never married and lost. I on the other hand have my faith, peace, a great marriage and family. I have no regrets about who I chose to be in high school.

With the exception of some priests, being in the Church today I still feel like my old self. Trying to do the right thing following the Church's teachings but continually feeling like they're not on my side and I don't have a home. The bishops and priests are like those boys who chose the easy girls instead of the good girls. Permitting and applauding those who practice or promote abortion, gay marriage, contraception, sterilization and fornication to continue with no limits and silencing or pushing away those who follow doctrine.

It makes me wonder where those bishops and priests will be in 20 years. Where will our Church be in 20 years. If it turns out like it did for me, I have hope.

Vic said...

Many forget that excommunication is meant not so much as cruel and unusual punishment but as a last ditch method to get an unrepentant sinner to realize the gravity of their sin. If Ted Kennedy failed to get into purgatory or heaven, at least part of the blame is on the priests and bishops that did not have the courage to deny sacraments and excommunicate him during all those years of open defiance of a clear and fundamental church teaching.

Jeff said...


When Prime Minister Trudeau was given his grand Catholic funeral he carried with him the legacy of ushering abortion into Canada. Now Ted Kennedy is getting his big farewell as an elitist among political abortion promoters. What a sham! These Catholic politicians are public supporters of killing off human life in the womb. As such, they deserve no Catholic funeral, nor any Roman Catholic accolades. Supposed Pro-Life Catholic leaders involved in the Kennedy funeral send a milquetoast mixed message to their followers. It is time for North American Cardinals, Bishops and Priests to grow a backbone. But I fear it is too late. The culture of death is in full bloom. We are entering into a remnant Catholic Church.

Respectfully submitted by,
Deacon Jeff Pearce

Anonymous said...

Sen. Kennedy received the last sacramenets before he died,he was absolved of all his since, he deserves the funeral he received. This is dogma of Catholic Faith, even St. Augustine was the greatest sinner, became a saint, today all Catholics venerate him and ask his intercessions. Why not Sen. Kennedy, dear priest, learn your faith, please and teach it to others correctly, your comments are abomination.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you, Father!
And all our Church leaders who are truley following our Catholic Faith to the best of their abilities! I am thouroughly disgusted by the lack of leadership, and the fawning over this pro-death elitist, by our U.S. Catholic Bishops. Where is the Truth in their actions? Where is their sheperding of the souls entrusted to their care? After watching the scandal of Kennedy's life, followed by the scandal of this extravaganza of a funeral, an impartial observer to our Faith would logically have to ask, 'Why should I be Catholic? They obviously stand for nothing of value'
Thank you Father, for your example of what our Faith really is about-Truth and Life. You, and all our Priests are in our prayers!


c. martinez said...

Amen!!! Thank You for your truthful and very needed comments. My husband and myself felt we were the only ones who were FURIOUS over this scandal. Who will stand up for the TRUTH? We, the faithful, who are in the trenches fighting the heresies, looking to save babies that Kennedy passed legislature to kill, are being sold out. Thank you for speaking the truth . May God Bless you- Be assured of our prayers!

Anonymous said...

AMEN. What about Pelosi, Kerry, and the rest of the Kennedy clan? Why do we honor abortion and partial birth abortion supporters like Obama? Why do we see non Catholics being given communion such as that degenerate Bill Clinton? Why does our Catholic "leadership" cosy up to anyone with power and money? Why do we get such conflicting messages from our so-called religious leaders? Most Catholics do not even know what they are supposed to believe! It is truly a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Stunning how they could have had this elaborate Catholic (funeral) ceremony with Ted Kennedy's two wives sitting in the church.

Anonymous said...

yuo are a crazy and damn priest

Anonymous said...

Great post Father. I have followed Cardinal O'Malley and believe he is sincerely committed to the Church and its teachings, so I was dissappointed at the spectacle. I have no doubt he was caught unprepared, and he had difficult decisions to make. Sen Kennedy is the first, very public, very Catholic identified legislator to die that would warrant this kind of publicity.
Suggestions: Use this funeral to continue moving the process of how to deal with legislators who flout Church teaching.
Step 1: Clearly delineate matters of prudential judgment against matters of inherent evil. E.g., people are entitled to some kind of health care. But how we get there is up to prudential judgment, such that a legislator who, say, opposes Obama's health care plan is not deviating from Church teaching. Don't allow pro-abortioners to deflect criticism of their policies by painting opposition to Obama's health care as contrary to Church teaching.
Step 2: Educate - hit the pulpits and explain. E.g., the Just War Doctrine leaves the decision to go to war to the Country's leaders - the Church does not decide what is a Just War. So, comparing Bush, who supported the war in Iraq, to Kennedy, who supported abortion is a non-sequitor
Step 3 - Identify and articulate the clear and present dangers to our society. YOu would not go to Sudan and preach about materialism any more than you would come to the US and preach about not slaughtering members of another tribe. Abortion and embryonic stem cell research are our modern day slavery - forcing others to do your will for your own comfort. Homosexual marriage is on the march, there must be equally strong push back. Racism is not a clear and present danger - we have a black President - and not one legislator advocates for racial hatred.
Step 4: Come up with guidelines for when this happens again - e.g. PLEASE NO EULOGIES. The intercessory prayers by family were basically eulogies, and political at that. IN his eulogy, Pres. Obama made a favorable reference to Sen Kennedy's support of homosexual marriage/civil unions ("[Senator Kennedy fought for the citizen] who was denied her rights for how she looked, or who she loved ..."]
Finally, if praise is heaped upon the deceased for his good works, then balance with a reminder that the deceased was wrong on, e.g., abortion, and abdicated his duty to society and the Church.

Thanks again.

- Sen Kennedy's funeral was going to be public to some degree no matter what; could have been public without the TV camereas in Church, but the Church lives in the world, and Sen Kennedy was a large American figure - hard

Glenn Dallaire said...

Thank you Father Brian for shedding light on the historical record of Mr Kennedy, and thank you also to the blog owner for posting this article.

It is truly tragic how some allegedly "Catholic" politicians deny the faith of their Baptism.

Glenn Dallaire

Anonymous said...

The Church always flocks to the rich - it turns away from adherence to dogma if the people are rich enough- I know, my father had a huge funeral in Philadelphia after being married three times. Catholic Churches are closing around the world and the Assembly of God has taken over - no wonder. We must remain true, because Christ said "how much faith will I find when I return," and also "those who say Lord, Lord, will not enter into the Kingdom. Keep praying, keep faithful to the Catholic Church's teachings.

Nance said...

FINALLY, a voice of reason! What a wonderful article. I hate to admit it, but I watched the two hour funeral mass myself. I suppose I was curious as to what Obama and the others would say regarding this confused man. But 7 PRIESTS and an ARCH-BISHOP!!! Come on, they weren't burying Pope John Paul11! And to say that he was in Heaven with his sister Eunice, PLEASE!!! His family should pray that he went to Purgatory and not Hell.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Bucky. I have changed TV channels this past week so I do not have to watch the memorial ceremonies. I have been told many times to stand up in receiving Communion or told I am committing a sin by drawing attention to myself but they freely give Our Jesus to people like this Kennedy, John Kerry, and Pelosi. Wake Up American Bishops
and listen to the Messages from the Bible to the Akita Apparition. Stop taking souls to hell with you.



Anonymous said...

Where have all our bishops gone....long time passing. We Catholics are left out here without leaders, without shepherds.
This is beyond scandal. Faithful priests and bishops are being abadoned by their brother clergy for standing strong and upholding the teachings of the Church. Where are our shepherds, Lord? To whom can we go?

Anonymous said...

Pray, Pray, Pray says the Blessed Mother...I make a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament every week for All Priest...especially for the souls of priest in purgatory and I am sure there are many! Offer your sufferings for them and for there priesthood that it might be holy! When they stopped giving communion on the hands things WILL GET BETTER! ADORE THE BLESSED SACRAMENT FOR IT IS TRULY OUR JESUS!

Anonymous said...

Bp Williamson's Holocaust downplaying in my opinion is at the same level as Ted K. support of abortion "rights".
In both cases innocent people are killed. Abortion in the US murdered at least 50 millions people until now (almost 10 times more than the nazis killed).
Besides this issue, I feel ashamed that 7 priests are concelebrating a mass for the funeral of a notorious pro choice person who is "latae sententiae" excommunicated while in some remote places some fervent catholic faithfuls cannot get at least one deacon for a funeral benediction.
I could see this also during Yves St Laurent's funerals(the famous French fashion's pundit), where a lot of priests, bishops and even one cardinal attended when only the local parish priest would have been enough. St Laurent was an atheist and notorious homosexual. Possibly he repented before dying, and everybody must pray for him, but why the Church wanted to celebrate him as a saint?

Anonymous said...

Since according to church teaching any one who gets an abortion,or legislates in favor of it,incurs automic excomunication from the church.This especially applies to Ted Kennedy.This is total hipocracy on the part of the church to have a double stnderd,I see this as a sacrilege,on the part of the cardinal and the other priests envolved. Do we take the faith seriously or not?
To make matters worse, the Pope's responce to Kennedy's letter which showed no recanting on his position on abortion, the Holy Father bestowed his appostolic blessing.What are catholics going to take from this?I guess we can ignore whatever the church teaches and defy her authority and in the end it will be OK.

Joseph said...

That's why I love the Tridentine Mass I go to, coincidentally at, St. Robert's Berlarmine in Miami, FL. Father Joseph is a brave soldier of Christ. His homilies are well prepared and very outspoken. Going to confession with him is so humbling and spiritually refreshing afterwards.
I highly recommend the Latin Mass which is practiced at the highest standards of the Cannon.
God Bless,
Joe Terneus

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with Father on this !
I think people who want to pick and choose what they like from the teaching's of the catholic church and do not go by the teaching's of our Pope and The commandments of God the Father should be Excommunicated from the catholic church .... No EXCEPTIONS !!

Jerry said...

Was I the only one who heard the lady petition our Lord to intercede and help our legislators pass the health care bill that contains funds for abortions. Did Cardinal O'Malley join half of the congregation in responding, "Lord, hear our prayer".

John said...

Catholics without the gift of a deep faith are leaving the Church for many reasons. Lack of leadership, clarity and enforcement of teachings is right up at the top of reasons. The Church leadership has become complacent. The pulpit is used for feel good sermons rather than relavent direction based on Church teachings. So sad...Pray, Pray, Pray!

Anita said...

God Bless you, Father and thank you for your courage in these truly evil times we are living in. Remember,Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven we shall soon see, and every knee shall bend at the sound of His name, Jesus Christ!!

Anonymous said...

according to church law anyone who has an abortion or legislates in favor of it is automatically excomunicated.This applies especially to Ted Kennedy.Since he never recanted on his posion on this matter,in my opinion the cardinal and all the priests involved in this funeral mass committed sacrelege,not to mention the scandle to the faithful.Who will take the teaching of the church seriously now ? This sends the wrong message to the catholic faithful who look to the church for guidance.To me this tells us we can ignore the church's teachings because in the end it won't matter anyway.Besids in his response to Kennedy's unreptent letter the pope bestowed his appostolic blessing.Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Thank You,Thank You,and Thank You
For defending the TRUE CATHOLIC CHURCH,I pray that with Jesus ,In Jesus, Through Jesus,and For Jesus,By the Power OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT,that you may bear everlasting fruit in the hearts' and souls' whom He has entrusted into your care,ALL for the GREATER GLORY OF THE FATHER,AMEN
with Love in the Hearts of Jesus ans Mary,Nadine M.

Joan said...

I couldn't agree more, and over the weekend penned a quick email to Cardinal O'Malley requesting an apology from him and the other concelebrants of that funeral mass to all faithful Catholics who had to witness the mocking of our beloved faith! My anger over this situation brought me to confession Sunday morning for sins against charity. Thank God there are priests out there who take their priesthood seriously, and more so, the salvation of the souls in their care.
Thank you, Father, for speaking truth in season and out. You're in my prayers daily, as well as all priests in this "Year of the Priest".
I am blessed with a good, holy pastor, who in his sermon this past Sunday reminded us that to continue in sin is mocking God and furthermore committing the sin of presumption. When will the scales be tipped with regard to some clerics in Holy Mother Church who seem quite comfortable in their pro-secular actions. How much will the Lord allow us to suffer at their hands. I guess they forgot the part about the millstone! This whole situation is beyond scandalous! May God have mercy on us all.

janet wood said...

we must pray and sacrifice for our bishops, most of them have forgotten why they wear RED, they would rather offend God, then people. If they defended the Faith, like this good priest, our country would not be in this mess, both spiritually and materially. The Catholic vote would once again count.Good priests need the support of their bishops, which is lacking, they stand alone. they need to remember that there is a higher judge whom they will be facing. J.M. MICH

Supertradmom said...

Thank you, Father. Many of us who have worked for and prayed for pro-life issues felt the day was a slap in the face for us.

Keep up the good work and do not lose heart.

Anonymous said...

Dear Father Harrison,

Thank you for this article; for those of us seeking guidance from Catholic hierarchy regarding values and morality, this whole Ted Kennedy episode, and the Notre Dame episode, are nauseating. Someone mentioned to me once that Josefa Menendez wrote (as a consequence of her visions) that that hell is filled with the souls of bishops and clergy that have led people astray. Surely, we must pray for our clergy but we are equally or even more obligated to pray for the salvation of the masses that are being led astray by bishops and priests more inclined towards "political correctness" than to the truth of our faith.

The said...

How sad, that everyone showed up for respecting for someone who had abused his position and neglected his FAITH, to defend the weakest and to speak out to protect the INNOCENTS, the one that has no voice. And the clergies who stand behind such a man .

Thank you for all those clergies who are not afraid of those who are in power, and who are famous, etc. and speaks out of their errors . Our Church needs more men/women who serves GOD and helps their fellow men not serve themselves only, succumbed to the powerful and thrash the innocents .


Anonymous said...

I can't help feeling that people are going out of their way to judge two very different issues. Sen. Kennedy was given a Catholic Funeral because he met the criterion laid down by canon 1184 of the Code of Canon Law. At least that is what I take from the appearance of Cardinal O'Malley at the funeral and providing the final commendation. This iis not an affiramtion of Kennedy's abortion stance for many years. It is the recognition of his of remorse no matter how small as he approached death. It is a sign of the prodigal son and the Merciful Father. That is what the Catholic Church is all about...the forgiveness of sin. Don't follow the world that demands retribution, rather the Gospel which demands charity and forgiveness. Peace to all who read this note.

Dwight said...

I am a new convert to the Church, and this kind of behavior by some (certainly and thankfully not all) of our leaders can be discouraging. I am reprieved by my understanding that the leaders in our Church are indeed "just men," as some of my Protestant friends and family would say. However, since they are in a position of leadership, their humanity cannot be seen as an excuse for the poor execution of said leadership. It unfortunately reflects on the Church as a whole, whether fairly or not. When we have opportunities to reaffirm our doctrines in the face of the entire world we should grasp them with both hands, not squander them.

Anthony said...

God bless you Father!! I am so glad to read your blog. It gives me hope that Our Lady is answering my prayers. I pray every day for priests and ask Our Lady to send us a million of her priest sons to save our Church,our country and the whole world. Thank you Father and so not stop writing!!! Anthony Fantozzi

Anonymous said...

This article gets to the heart of what is wrong with the Church, money and power still matter, but Jesus will reclaim his Church and punish those who have damaged it. It is after all his body, his spouse. We need to pray for those priests in need a wake up call. Thank God for those priests who see where things are going wrong and are not afraid to speak up.

Fr. Fernando, OMV said...

Finally someone is able to speak up and unveil the truth. Sadly many in the leadership of the Catholic Church are filled with fear and out of human respect they have lost sight of the unchangeable mission of the Church to save souls and to teach the truth in charity.

Anonymous said...


Once again the Bride of Christ is punished by a beloved son who betrays Her.

All the flock suffers when a shepherd chooses to run with the wolves.

God help us.

David A. Strongin
Captain, Infantry (retired)

Patty in CT said...

So why then was John Geoghan buried the way he was. Afterall he ruined countless lives as well. Or doesn't it matter? I'm disgusted with the Archdiocese of Boston for screwing up again! Cardinal O'Malley, Prince of the Church, where were you?!?

Anonymous said...

"Fair is foul and foul is fair"
God help the catholic church
God have mercy on us all

Palmyra Institute said...

You are right on. I will take it a step further and say that God has already begun the process of purification and wrath. It is no coincidence that now, at a time when the Church is teetering, that Obama is our President. I believe that just as Judas was used by the Devil to fulfill prophecy in God's master plan, so Obama will carry out his role and begin the unleashing, the beginnings of God's wrath, upon the USA and the world to follow.
Lord Jesus, have mercy on us...please
Great post,by the way...thanks

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cardinal O/Malley, Fr. Hession, Fr. Monan et al may want to reread Matthew Chap 6 Verse 24: "You cannot serve God and mammon". Was it the thought of losing the financial backing of the Kennedy family and their minions that drives these clergy to abandon the Church's teaching. Was it the prestige, the fame? What, in God's own Name, are they thinking? As surely as the Obamas and Kennedys of this world are killing our unborn children and our country, so too are the shepherds of His Church who fail to speak out against these blatant evils and those who support them, are killing our Church in this Country. All for the sake of "MAMMON" How incredibly sad!!!!

Kate said...

May God bless all priests that have the courage to uphold the teachings of Christ without compromise. I pray daily for them to remain steadfast and not bend... For those of you who waver and are tempted to abandon Christ's church, I say, "Be strong, don't be afraid, remain true to Him and His teaching - we will win in the end."

James said...

God Bless You Father Harrison for saying what many of us feel in our hearts. It appears Satan has penetrated to the hightest level of the Catholic Church in America. God is not mocked. The cries of fifty million aborted babies cry out to God for justice.

Nada said...

Tremendous analysis, father! My eyes just opened!
I hardly wait for the Lord's second comming. May God Holy Spirit lead you and make your voice heard among your lost brothers! In Jesus name!
Praise be to Almighty.

Anonymous said...

A man who devotes his life work to ensuring the slaughter of innocents in the womb gets a Cardinal – no, two – for his funeral? What an absolute and utter disgrace. These American bishops are revolting. The Successor of Peter is in Rome, and the Successors of Judas are in America.

Anonymous said...

A man who devotes his life work to ensuring the slaughter of innocents in the womb gets a Cardinal – no, two – for his funeral? What an absolute and utter disgrace. These American bishops are revolting. The Successor of Peter is in Rome, and the Successors of Judas are in America.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your courage and faithfulness as a priest to stand up for the truth and the Teachings of Holy Church! I was appalled at what I witnessed by the Celebrants of Senator Kennedy's Funeral Mass. I could only watch a few minutes of it as I was sick to my stomach at what I heard and saw! I again thank you so much! Juanita

Adoro said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Fr. Harrison. I suspect there are other priests who would also like to comment on the scandalous spectacle of honoring someone like Ted Kennedy but don't dare because of what their superiors will do to them. It seems to me, however, that if Ted Kennedy is on his way to heaven that the Church may as well close its doors. Don't Cardinal O'Malley and the others see this? Their responsibility in perpetuating evil is huge.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Father for speaking out. I was equally saddened by the lack of truth presented. I prayed and will continue to pray for Kennedy's soul. This is just another example of how fractured the church in the US is. I will pray for strength and courage for you to continue to shepherd your flock in truth.
Thank you again.

FAC Chicago said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Father! Many of us in the pews are thinking such things, and suffer when we hear our priests not defend our faith such as you have. God bless you. I wish there were more like you. Our Church seems to be filled with clergy who deny Christ because of political expediency. It is hard to continue in the face of such betrayal. You give me hope! God bless you!

Fran said...

To me he says it best:
Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle stated: “Senator Kennedy supported legal abortion, partial-birth abortion, the public funding of Medicaid abortions, embryonic stem cell research, birth control, federal family planning programs, and so-called emergency contraception. He defended Roe v. Wade, endorsed the proposed Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), and opposed both the Human Life Amendment and the Hyde Amendment. Kennedy maintained a 100% rating from both NARAL and Planned Parenthood. In 1993, he received the Kenneth Edelin Award from Planned Parenthood, and in 2000 received the Champions of Choice Award from NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts at the hands of the same Dr. Kenneth Edelin, the infamous abortionist.

"During his 1994 reelection campaign, Kennedy said ‘I wear as a badge of honor my opposition to the anti-choicers.’ His successful obstruction of the nomination of Judge Robert Bork to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1987 effectively prevented the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Beyond his specific positions on human life issues, Senator Kennedy, along with the late Congressman Robert Drinan, provided the cover and the example for two generations of Catholic politicians to defect from Church teaching on the sanctity of innocent human life.

"No rational person can reasonably be expected to take seriously Catholic opposition to abortion when a champion of the Culture of Death, who repeatedly betrayed the Faith of his baptism, is lauded and extolled by priests and prelates in a Marian basilica. Th is morning's spectacle is evidence of the corruption which pervades the Catholic Church in the United States. The right to life will never be recognized by secular society if it is not first vindicated and consistently upheld within the institutions of the Church itself."

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly!! How can we teach our children when our own priests bow to money and power. That Edward Kennedy should be held up as an example of our Catholic beliefs is laughable. Anyone who knew what he stood for concerning abortion and gay rights should be scandalized by the Catholic celebration of his sinful life!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said! "By their fruits, you will know them!" Thank you for boldly proclaiming the truth!

Anonymous said...






Sister Anne Sophie said...

Thank God for you Fr. Harrison! We pray for the world to wake up and listen to the TRUTH with the ears of their hearts! How many babies have died because of one man's pushing the culture of death agenda during his time in public office! One person convincing another to kill their baby in the womb or to euthanize a human being- one day will be held accountable to God. The world thinks of those of us who believe in GOD as people who have not grown up. This is what we have come to. No remorse, no accountability, tolerant with no right or wrong, no guilt. YES WE NEED GOOD HOLY PRIESTS AND BISHOPS TO STAND UP IN OUR FAITH teaching us the TRUTH and never compromising our FAITH ever! Those who lead us in our faith may God fill their hearts with courage and TRUTH! Let us continue to pray for the conversion of the world!
Sister Anne Sophie
Society of the Body of Christ

Mary Therese said...

Father Brian,

Thank you for speaking the truth.

The silence at that funeral. I noticed the only president or legislator who didn't look uncomfortable was President Bush. And his decisions didn't always follow God's Will but many times yes, Bush did do as God desires.

I share, what can Heaven do? One thing, there is much private revelation now because the faith isn't being taught. Mortal sin isn't considered sin anymore.

An excerpt from a message from
the Blessed Mother to Anna Marie of
the Apostolate of the Green Scapular:

February 18, 2009

...Mother Mary: Pray for the hardened hearts in your government, pray for these souls to open their hearts and minds to
discover what the will of God is, not what power they can obtain, for many in government are currently destined to spend their eternity in hell. For any Catholic man or woman who has supported any legislation towards the expansion of abortion in your country or in any other country, they cannot call themselves Christians; they are wolves dressed as sheep and they will certainly spend their eternal life in damnation.

Mother Mary: Pray little one, pray for all government leaders to repent of their role in legislation or helping to
facilitate by word or deed the process of abortion. No one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless they repent from having an abortion or were a participant in assisting another to abort a child.

Mother Mary: (Speaking directly to all Prayer Warriors) I call upon all my beloved children to hear your Heavenly Mother's cry, pray for anyone you know who has aborted one of my Son?s children. Pray for your government officials who have supported the practices of abortion, and pray for the doctors who have murdered so many babies for thirty pieces of silver.

Mother Mary: I am pleading for this nation to repent and fast for this grave sin. As your Lenten season begins, pray and fast, my children. Make this year's Lenten season a major effort to change the hearts and minds of anyone who has participated in the abortion process. Pray that all these men and women will open their hardened hearts for even a moment to allow my Son?s grace to pour into their hearts so they can realize the damage and pain they have caused. Pray, repent and pray more.

Anna Marie: Mother dear, is their a special prayer we should all say during the forty days of Lent for your request?

Mother Mary: Yes, pray the Rosary for any soul who has participated in the murder of any aborted child.

If this is done, many will repent and leave this profession and begin working for the restoration of these little lost lambs...

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Father Brian. Thank you for defending our Catholic faith.

We need so many more priests like you.

Franck said...

Father Harrison,

Thank you for your courage in speaking out against the actions of some clergy who seem to have left the faith behind them in lieu of publicity.

God bless you!

Franck said...

Thank you Father Harrison for your courage in speaking against the actions of the clergy that left the faith behind in lieu of publicity.

God bless you!

P.S. if this appears twice, I apologize. First time I tried to post, it didn't take.

Anonymous said...

There appears to be a lot of judgement. Kennedy had a priest with him prior to his death and received the last rites. Maybe he also went to confession. It is not up to man to judge the soul of another. Maybe someone prayed the Divine Chaplet for him as he was dying.
The funeral was low key. How many priests officiate at the funeral of deceased who may not have been in good standing with the Church?
"He who is without sin cast the first stone." I cannot!

Margaret Mary said...

I agree with all you said Father 100%. I wish more clergy and Bishops had said what you said prior to the funeral.

God bless you and keep telling it like it is!


Anonymous said...

How sad that you as a priest are so unforgiving. Let him who has not sin throw the first stone. The Catholic Clergy has wronged so many yet you have the audacity to be so unforgiving. Only the Lord know where this sould will go.

Anonymous said...

I agree with You Father - I have stated in several news items that asked the reader to leave a comment but they were refused to show them beacuse they were not politically correct - Being ProLife is fast becoming a crimminal offence and to speak up for the Unborn brings censorship - May God have mercy on all pro choice A child is a child in or out of the womb and has the right to life

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the judgement in these comments.

Would everyone here have preferred it if Ted Kennedy's body was wrapped in a trash bag and thrown into the river? Would that have made everyone happy?

It is the "holier than thou Catholics" who are so caught up in dogma and ritual who do the REAL damage to the Body of Christ, which welcomes and loves all, as Jesus did and taught.

Cyndi Buckley said...

Father, thank you for speaking out on the Kennedy Blashemy. I couldn't even stomach watching such a horrid presentation to our dear Lord. God forgive him and may he see the babies he routed for in hell.

Anonymous said...

Father, I agree and thank you for your courage in speaking up. I too noticed the John the Baptist parallel. But he chose to stand up and profess the truth re: adultery even though it cost him his life. Our Church so sadly today don't seem willing to die for the Truth. If our dear Lord let's this go, it would seem He owes an apology to John the Baptist, St. Thomas More, and others who offered their life for the Truth, the Sacred Truth. I begin to wonder or question why I plan to enter the seminar next August, but maybe our dear Lord is trying to raise up a few that hopefully will be willing to give up their life for the Truth. God bless you Father!

Anonymous said...

When Peter denies Christ, the rest of us must hold on and pray for Peter's repentance. When our shepherds stray we must all the more take our case to our Lord and His blessed Mother confident that by Her intercession He can amend what needs amending and forgive what cannot be amended.

Still we must be clear that this was a failure in pastoral judgment. But I have a few failures in judgment on my account also.

We lost this battle. Our Lord will win the war.

Anonymous said...

Father Harrison
I pray that you have the courage to continue to stand up for your convictions and our church. Ted Kennedy deserves a proper funeral and burial within our church but the public spectacle of 7 priests and a bishop officiating harms the credibility of our church. What do we stand for? I have to believe that money, power and influence played a large part in the archdiocese bowing to the "Kennedy altar". God Bless you Father-I will keep you in my prayers.

Arthur said...

I would think that the last persons on earth to judge another would be a catholic priest. Judge not!

The history of our church would argue against anyone judging another.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Father,well said,keep the Faith. GOD BLESS.

Anonymous said...

I believe in forgiveness. No one short of Ted Kennedy knows what his intentions were. I believe that all of us will see what sin has caused in our lives and how it has effected the lives of others. Having said this, I do not think the clergy in Boston has helped itself. No one mentoned the distance between Sen. Kennedy's views and that of the church as possibly sinful and worthy of reconsideration. For those of us who believe in church doctrine as worthy of belief, the larger problem was the lack of clarifcation from the clergy there. Do they believe as Kennedy? Our best answer is to remain close to Jesus through His church and the Eucharist. Keep our own souls clost to God and ask The Holy Spirit to show us what is of God.

Anonymous said...

Reading your article brings up so many of the questions I've asked myself for the last ten years. I became a Catholic in 1999. The night I became Catholic was one of the best nights of my life! BUT since that time I have questioned not my decision (I don't think it was a decision-- it was beyond that!) -- I have questioned why so many "Catholics" I meet have total disregard for the Church and its teachings. I've met many that are pro-choice, many that believe contraceptives should be handed out to anyone over the age of 13, who have no respect for the Pope, who don't understand the Eucharist or just plain deny it, etc. What's the deal? I certainly didn't expect the Church to be perfect, or even near perfection. The overt form of this disrespect is the politicians who call themselves "Catholic." The ones who are dismantling our country. Do they seriously think that they are Catholic? Or are they laughing all the way to the polls? Help me understand...

Anonymous said...

The mercy of God is deeper than we might believe, but so is his justice. Last I visited the Basilica of Our Lady it was for a healing mass offered by Fr. Edward McDonough. During that mass, and every mass offered by Fr. McDonough at the Basilica, he prayed for the end of abortion. Perhaps it is through this irony that the justice of God will be brought to the pro-abortion Ted Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

no one said anything about 'shunning' the funeral, but shunning the public scandal.
The bishop should have stipulated a quiet mass with no publicity be required.
Ted Kennedy is like the gift that keeps on giving for hell...he's still dragging them down with him.
The irony is that they will indeed memorialize Kennedy with a ‘health care’ bill that will now be the crowning glory to the Culture of Death Ted Kennedy labored so hard to build.

You will know a tree by it’s fruits.
Edward Kennedy's fruits are all that is rotten, putrid and filled with worms.

Rhoda Ann said...

J.M.J.+++ Praise God for this holy priest and Fr.'s HOLY BOLDNESS!!! I pray that God's Mercy is with Ted Kennedy! All 51+ millions aborted babies were present at the HOLY GATES when Ted Kennedy appeared! May God's Holy Will be done!! Blessed Mother Mary place your Holy Mantle on this soul!

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Father! I kept waiting for an outcry from all of my fellow Catholics, but heard none. I was deeply offended at the abuse of a sacred sacrament. For Obama to be allowed to speak from the altar was deeply troubling. The smoke has truly entered the church!

Anonymous said...

I sent this message to Cardinal O'Malley: Dear Cardinal O'Malley,
It was very disappointing to experinece Sen. Kennedy's Funeral Mass with the politicization of The Prayer of the Faithful, lack of sung music parts and the endless comments and eulogies. Those who were with me watching on TV also commented and even laughed as what happened, causing an impression that if a family is well connected pollitcally, the liturgical norms of the Church do not have to be followed. Your presiding gave credence to this lack of liturgical prayer form the Church asks, especially at Funerals.

Anonymous said...

Fr Harrison is absolutely right. Unfortunately, at our Sunday Mass this past weekend, the parish priest's homily was focused on how well Kennedy "lived the gospel" for improving society. It was sickening and he even compared Kennedy to St Augustine. I pray Kennedy had a last minute conversion and repentence but will leave judgement up to God.

j said...

Father thank you for your courage to tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Father for speaking the truth! The left are using the Church to conquer and divide and divide they did. I believe many, not all, our Bishops are blinded. How our Lord must be grieving over His clergy. What example does this show? Obama is cunning and is using the Catholic Church because he knows to divide the opposition, he can push through his agenda which is far from God. May God have mercy on us all, For all the years we were silent as the abortion mills continued to kill and for the silence from the pulit!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Father and all pro-life prayer warriors. My husband had a different take on all of this that I am going to throw out there, even though personally, I don't think it holds water, but it is a good point. If the Catholic Church in Boston has been taking money from the Kennedy family (Teddy), all these years, how could they not give him a Catholic Mass funeral? I watched the whole thing and think that it was fishy when the President took a letter to the Pope and I think that He and Mr. Kennedy tried to hoodink the Pope, and/or the American people into believing that because of the letter of response,that that was the Pope giving his blessing on a Catholic Mass, which it was not.
The pro-choice politicians need to be excommunicated by the Bishops. You can not be pro-choice and Catholic. Period.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Father. We need more priests, Bishops, Archbishops etc. to be willing to stand up for true Catholic teaching and for God. You are refreshing. God Bless.

Deaconed said...

God Bless You Fr. Harrison,
Scandal indeed! We pray for
the soul of Sen. Kennedy and
for those prelates in Boston.
But you must understand; "It
was a really big check."
Thank God we have had Archbishops
here who had and have the courage
to take the unpopular view. May we
also pray for the just retired Bishop
of Scranton who resigned because of public disagreement with the Churches teaching.
Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

It was indeed a "God-incidence" that Ted Kennedy's funeral fell on the Memorial of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, and that the next day, Sunday, Mark chapter 7 had Jesus quoting Isaiah about paying God lip service while having distant hearts.

It was the eternal God through the ministry of His Church comforting faithful Catholics and challenging lukewarm and fallen-away Catholics with the Truth.

Please, please pray for our bishops and priests, especially during this Year for Priests, that they will be courageous in boldly proclaiming the Truth, who is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us.
St. John Vianney, pray for us.

Raoul said...

Dear Fr.,
I write this comment from India.Rest asured of our prayers for you and other Priests who are faithfull to the teachings and Magisterium of our Church and thank you for the insightful post.Things have come to such a state within our church around the world and in the USA in particular that even in great discernment I cannot find it in me to pray for hypocrites like Ted Kennedy and his ilk.He made an Informed choice born of free will to aid the murder of the most innocent. Enough Said!!!
Raoul D'Rozario

Anonymous said...

Thank you Father I totaly agree with you. The people who speak of God's Mercy I believe in that mercy but a truly repented man would not wish such an extravagant funeral with undo praise if he repented his past.

Anonymous said...

FR Harrison...good on you for having the courage and decency to do the right thing and speak the truth!!
Our Lady has said to pray much for Priest's as many are on the way to purdition.
Why can they not see that they are on the 'wide' road to eternal suffering, and taking many souls with them. Satan has a firm hold on them.
I pray for their conversion before it is too late.
God bless you Father Harrison... you will save your own soul, and hopefully many many others through your example.

Anonymous said...

Carol says . .

Money and power are hypnotic and concessions are being made by the hierarchy accordingly! Ugh! And by the way, what about Kennedy's re-marriage? First wife Joan Kennedy - was there an annullment?? Lots of quesions!

Anonymous said...

Thank God there are still good Catholic Priests around like Fr. Harrison. I am proud of you for speaking out against the highly publicized Catholic Mass for Senator Kennedy. Those priests hand picked the scriptures they wanted to represent Kennedy's life, but they left out the most important one. Thal Shalt Not Kill. Christ said, whoever did it to the least of my brethern, you did it to me.

Carol said...

Thank you Fr Harrison for having the courage to speak out against those presiding over the highly publicized Catholic funeral Mass of Sen. Ted Kennedy. The Boston Clergy are treading on dangerous territory, when they thumb their nose at Catholic Teaching and celebrate a Catholic legislator who chose to separate himself from Catholic moral teachings on two very major issues, ie, abortion and gay marriage. He was praised for his life's work and made to look saintly. I feel that the Church's shepherds did a horrible job in helping Kennedy form a well formed conscience. They quoted scripture, but left out the most important one, Thal shalt not kill.

Anonymous said...

"The Church' had and has a very REAL duty and obligation to always remain true and faithful to the moral teachings of Jesus Christ and to it's "Moral Authority" to preach and teach which comes, not from self-declared human authority, but from a direct obligation imposed upon it from Jesus Christ Himself.

"no man" can sit in judgement on any otyher man (person), but The Church can and should (and "must") sit in judgement of "actions" 9or even omissions), and where those actions are "public" as opposed to private, to publicly do so. The Church's call to exist by Christ is for the salvation of souls, to stand as "the light" shininbg in and through the darkness of "the world" which grasps it not.

the public display of "looking the other way" at public actions that opposed the Church's public teachings on "life" and on "the culture of death", sends the signal of "relativism" or that "human life" is really not all that valued within the church, and that Church teaching is "pick and choose" . . .

no one could condemn or fault another at personal failings or sins or omissions, but one can hold another's public contradictions to account, particularly when they go so blatantly against the well established, well known, long-standing official teachings of The Church and "the faith" . . .

i would not nor could not oppose a Christian or catholic funeral for any person, a Ted kennedy or anyone else - (it is a good and wholesome thing to pray for the dead" . . and one of the words of mercy is "to bury the dead" . . . but one also sholdn't present an impression of endorsing policies that go counter to "the teachings of the faith", such as "abortion availability and complicity" . . .

it IS possible to pray for and bury the dwead, without compromising the teachings of The Church . . . without sending mixed signals . . . but it doesn't appear that any efforts were made to accomplish this balance . . .

m. g. b.

pajames7 said...

Peggy I was aghast at the adultation by the media but then to have him so "honored" by the clergy was so demoralizing. We must pray for the clergy that are not preaching orthodoxy. Thank you for this excellent piece and I will keep you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thank ather, we are all sinners, but we are all not in the public eye. God Bless your gift of courage.

Mike P. said...

I am a 31 year protestant going through the Inquiry Processs & then RCIA. I already have a firm knowledge base of scripture. This is no different than any other scandal I have seen in the protestant churches. What this does tell me, just as Father Corapi has stated many times, this is a direct attack on the church. This is much deeper than Ted's burial service. We were seeing spiritual warfare happen right over the television air waves. The priests, bishops, & cardinals who behave like this need deep prayer for them.
We as children of god need to insert ourselves into this spiritual battle on a regular basis. Satan has a way of taking what is good, manipulating it, and then calling it his own.

Mike Coffey said...

'You cannot serve both God and mammon." Is there any doubt whicch our Church leadership is serving?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Father for being a true representative of Jesus! Thank you for your courage!! I am with you 100%!

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one that still thinks Ted Kennedy was trash.
and I was so glad the day after he died that our (liberal) priest didn't say a word about him at mass.

Anonymous said...

"Ted" was Edward Kennedy. Feastday Oct.13 same as key Fatima 1917 day when Mary promoted Rosary, and for consecration of RUSSIA, and promise of Peace. "Fatima" name of Mohammed's favorite daughter, whom he regarded as 2nd to Mary, virgin mother of prophet Jesus. Islam's leaders teach Jesus was NEVER crucified! See the Turin Shroud website for latest amazing evidence. Stop Obama-nations!

Sr. Lorraine said...

I put this comment on the cardinal's blog:

Dear Cardinal O’Malley,

I have been pondering Pope Benedict’s words in his new encyclical “Charity in Truth”:
“To defend the truth, to articulate it with humility and conviction, and to bear witness to it in life are therefore exacting and indispensable forms of charity.”

To speak the truth is an indispensable form of charity, especially when that truth is unpopular. Our society does not want to hear that the unborn child must not be killed.

Despite whatever good he did, Senator Kennedy spent the better part of his long political career actively working for legislation that would favor abortion. That is not a judgment; it is part of the public record. He even voted in favor of partial-birth abortion, a horrendous procedure in which the baby’s brains are sucked out.
He did immense damage to the pro-life movement. Is that of any consequence in the eyes of the bishops?
While we pray in charity for his soul, it is indeed a deep scandal for the Church to imply that his record on abortion is of no consequence. I realize you were in a difficult position, but I am deeply disappointed that the overall impression given by the funeral was that it doesn’t really matter if a Catholic politician ardently supports abortion.

Who is speaking up for the millions of innocents who have been slaughtered and continue to die every day?
While Ted Kennedy had a magnificent funeral, these innocent children are thrown into dumpsters. And no one weeps.

Anonymous said...

What is happening that those who have been in the forefront in destroying the biblical teachings under the guise of Catholicism are honored in such away? You are a brave stalwart voice in the din of not get weary...stay strong in your convictions

Anonymous said...

I was sickened by what I witnessed and could only but stand but a few minutes of what I clearly sensed was not in accord with the true Church. Then I turned it off.
Father Brian Harrison, O.S. I shall remember you in my prayers always. Someday may all our good priests see it the way it should be. Truth shall prevail.

Sheila Torres said...

Dear Father,

Thank you for your thoughts and committment to the unborn. I too was angered. How many innocents have died due to Senator Kennedy's influence? However, the clergy taking part in this fiasco of a funeral have lost their way. While we do leave God's justice and Mercy to Him alone, we must make a stand on our faith and especially protection of the unborn. I saw quite a parallel to this funeral and the Notre Dame fiasco recently. Both sets of clergy gave lip service to our faith, yet were so intent on being part of the president's road show that they became blinded by the glitter and hype. Most of the problems with our faith being trampled underfoot lately is due to our cardinals, bishops, and priests. There are so many clergy who stand up for what is correct, yet never take their brothers to task for their wrong doing. It makes me furious. Fr. Corapi once said that it was not his place to correct his bishops, it was the job of other bishops to do that. Amen!!! Our Blessed Mother said many clergy would spend eternity in hell. How very, very sad. The movie the Thornbirds was right on; power corrups and absolute power corrups absolutely. From what I hear from other Catholics I come upon, from what I read on Catholic blogs and newsletters, not to mention the sex abuse scandal, is priest, bishop after priest, bishop seeking power and comfort in their mansions, while all the while selling off beautiful houses of worship and closing Catholic schools. One wonders why they are so blind. What a scandal to the faithful. I thank God that I can see my Faith for the gift that it is and pray never to be tempted away from it.

Please, Father, keep up the good work and say truth when it needs to be said. We faithful are listening.

gil said...

I'm upset too, we should forgive, but not idolize him on all the terrible things he voted for e.g. Gay marriages and most of all Abortion. I'll pray for him and all the priest who said the wrong things to idolize him.

Anonymous said...

As one who has already voiced his dislike of what happened at the kennedy funeral Mass at the Cardinal's blog, I have thank you as well for taking a Catholic position on the issue. Thank you.

Lorraine said...

Thank you so much Father.
I am so thankful to God that there are still priests who do not fear speaking out in truth.

Joyful Catholics said...

The line has been drawn. Choose this day Whom you will serve. This was indeed a travesty of immense proportion. The confusion this has furthered is apparent in our own family. I pray for mercy to be extended, but I believe the Right Arm of Justice is weighing heavily on Our Lady's shoulder. How long? How long? O, Lord, how long?

Billy B. said...

Just a note to one of the earlier posts that read: "As I watched the ceremony at Arlington I couldn't help but notice that it became very dark and I noticed flashes of lightening in the sky. It appeared very ominous and made me think that the Lord was not pleased with this situation." Let us remember that at Jesus' crucifixion the skies turned black and there was thunder. Do you still believe in your correlation?

Anonymous said...

Do you approve of opposing viewpoints in your blog?

John Michael said...

"Do you approve of opposing viewpoints in your blog?"

Yes, as long as they are charitable.