Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What is a Catholic Without Heart?

My Dear People,

What does it mean to give God "lip service"? Mark's Gospel has Jesus warning His Disciples not be superficial in our love for the Lord. In conjunction with the Torah (Jewish Law), there was a book of Jewish practices flowing from it. Many Jews of Jesus' day, knew the practice, but didn't know or understand the reason for the act. They had lost "heart". Have you ever been asked why, as a practicing Catholic, you "do" certain acts: fasting, liturgical rituals, novenas, holy days, etc? Ever at a loss to explain just why you do these things? Perhaps we too, could be accused of losing heart.

Continuing adult faith education is a very good thing. Over the past six years there have been numerous opportunity to learn more about the Catholic faith through adult ed classes here in our own parish. Have you taken advantage of these classes? When is the last time you have studied or read a book about your Catholic Faith. We cannot share with others, what we do not know or understand. Next time you have the chance to take a class or read a book on faith; don't let it slip past you. Ask Our Lord to put a hunger for the Catholic Faith in your heart. I promise you, He will hear and answer that prayer for you.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark

May we not only hear God's word, but also learn to live it everyday of our lives

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