Thursday, September 17, 2009

A St. Robert Bellarmine Miracle

The following is a story of our beloved Saint Robert
Bellarmine, through the Mercy of God, curing a man with a running ulcer.

"There was in the College of Louvain, while Robert was residing there, one of the Society" (no very independent witness in the cause) "who had had, for many years, a running ulcer in his leg. Physicians and surgeons had tried all the succors of their art, but had not cured the wound.

The patient, therefore, anxious in mind, and seeing that human care was mastered by the pertinacity of the disease, began to consider within himself whether there was any man made after God's heart, by whose prayer a way to recovery might be opened to him. While he was thus meditating within himself, Bellarmine appeared to be an effectual and grateful offerer of prayer to God; and a hope sprang up within him that he might at once recover, if, after sacred confession, he could also be refreshed by him in the communion. His faith was not vain. The Rector consented.

He deposited the secret of
his conscience in the ears of Robert, from his hand received the most holy Eucharist, and, behold, his leg was restored to soundness. The surgeon was astonished, when in two or three days he saw the wound covered with living and native skin, and the slightest trace of so long-disease did not remain upon the part."

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Esther G. said...

JM, what a good story. Thanks for all the St. Robert Bellarmine posts. Great saint. No wonder you named your blog after him.

Anonymous said...

wow. what a weird kid. thats all. latters