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St. Robert Bellarmine Patron Saint of Catechumens

This comes from a fellow blogger phatcatholic. He did an entire thesis on the history of the catechism. As you may know Cardinal Roberto Francesco Romolo Bellarmino was the king of the catechism. If you did not know, then keep reading to find out why St. Robert Bellarmine is the patron Saint of Catechumens.

In his encyclical Etsi minime, Pope Benedict XIV addressed this problem by proposing the catechism of Robert Bellarmine as the standard for teaching Christian doctrine (Kevane xxxi). Benedict says of it, “There is nothing more effective or opportune for guarding in advance against the errors which can creep into the situation of such a variety of Catechisms for children” (qtd. in Kevane xxxii). He also stated that if a local catechism must be used, care should be taken that nothing be added to it that contradicts Catholic truth, and that these truths are presented in a clear and comprehensive yet concise manner (xxxii).

In 1869, with the convening of the First Vatican Council, the Church again took up the problem articulated by Pope Benedict XIV. Besides the publication of two Dogmatic Constitutions (Dei Filius and Pastor aeternus), which themselves did much to solidify the Church’s teaching on Divine Revelation and the Infallibility of the Pope, steps were taken to compose a uniform catechism for use throughout the entire Church (xxxiv-xxxv). That the Church, after so many years, would still be concerned with a uniform presentation of the faith is a testament to her constant zeal and concern for the Deposit entrusted to her. She is always desirous to pass it on with the utmost fidelity and to nurture within the hearts of men a true and lasting increase in understanding and conversion to Christ.

The schema presented to the Council Fathers on January 14, 1870 expressed the intent of the Council:
All the members of the Church of Christ diffused throughout the whole world should be of one heart and one soul; hence they must likewise be unified in their lips and their language. It must be recognized, however, that a variety in approach and method of teaching the rudiments of the faith to the faithful is no slight obstacle to this unity. Hence, with the approval of this Council, We shall take care to produce a Small Catechism by Our authority, which all are to use. Thus, the variety of small Catechisms will be removed for the future. (qtd. in Kevane xxxv)
Again, the catechism of St. Robert Bellarmine was held as the standard to be emulated, and after some weeks of discussion, the project for a Small Catechism was brought to a formal vote and overwhelmingly approved by the bishops. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War forced the Council to suspend its work before the disciplinary decree for the Small Catechism could be officially promulgated (xxxvi). “Thus the pastors and the faithful continued after Vatican I with the Roman Catechism together with the several national and regional Catechisms for children as the ongoing teaching aids for handing on the elements and rudiments of the deposit of faith” (xxxvii).

Learn more about the great Cardinal Roberto Francesco Romolo Bellarmino

Monday, October 29, 2007

Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - 30th Sunday

From the Desk of Father Mark, Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - Thirtieth Sunday

My Dear People,

Is Harry Potter Replacing Catholic Saints As Heroes?

When occult practices in the media and in the general populace have become so acceptable and mainstream in our present age, this highlights the need for our ALL SAINT DAY masses. Saints are our heroes. For the past twenty centuries, God has raised up women and men outstanding in holiness, uncompromising in their love and faithfulness to Jesus Christ. In our present age, when children and adults of all ages are obsessed with video violence, the occult, and paranormal practices, our Saints stand in contradiction to this norm.

When parents and Children alike become obsessed with the current "Harry Potter" books and videos, dismissing them as "harmless", SAINTS then become our REAL HEROES. All to often Catholics take very lightly their moral obligation to participate in Holy Day Masses, but would never even consider missing their children's sports event. This flip flop in moral values points to our need to know and love the SAINTS. Don't forget to fulfill your moral obligation to celebrate with the "HOLY ONES" this All Saints Day.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark, Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - 30th Sunday

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request

Kathryn goes to Bellarmine College. God have mercy on her.
St. Bellarmine, pray for your College and all involved.

Kathryn McCoy, 19, Plainfield, was arrested Thursday after being discharged from University Hospital in Louisville. McCoy, a student at Bellarmine University, a small Catholic liberal arts college near Louisville, allegedly gave birth to a girl then let the baby die in her dorm room. - Star file photo


Thursday, October 25, 2007

St. Roberto Bellarmino Wore Rags

After scouring the net I found some more St. Robert Bellarmine pictures to add to the collection.

I am absolutely positive St. Bellarmine would not like so many of his pictures in one place. But hey the man wore only one Cardinal outfit. Despite his friends best effort to get him some new clothes. His patches had patches. Just think this was an extremely popular man.

What would your impression be of a man in a highly visible office wearing rags? Think about it.

That gown and under garments was in shreds by the time he died. He would have it no other way though. His role model was St. Francis of Asissi. Little Roberto Francesco Romolo Bellarmino was even born on St. Francis' feast day October 4, 1542.

Cardinal Roberto Bellarmino loved brother poverty and would spend his life giving away every penny he had.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Family Funny - Rose

So its getting near bedtime. Rose walks in the room.

"Rose did you go potty yet?"

Rose in her pretty soft girly voice, "Mmmmm, yeeaahh."

She waits one second to let her brain catch up to her words. "Mmmmm, Nooo."

She then turns around and runs to the potty.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Natural Family Planning, The Contraceptive Alternative - Part IV

Natural Family Planning, The Contraceptive Alternative

This video compares Natural Family Planning, NFP, The Contraceptive Alternative, to the contraceptive pill.

Discover the rest of the Contraceptive Alternative Videos here:

Monday, October 22, 2007

Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - Twenty-Ninth Sunday

From the Desk of Father Mark, Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - 29th Sunday

My Dear People,

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Eucharistic Prayer Warrior

St. Rose Philippine DuchesneSt. Rose Philippine Duchesne, born in Grenoble France around the time of the French Revolution, a devoted religious, lived and worked in Florissant and St. Charles, MO. A Madame of the Sacred Heart, she desired to work with Native Americans from her early childhood. One time, while working in Kansas with the Patwomoni Indian tribe, St. Rose spent hours before the Blessed Sacrament in adoration. Sometimes her prayer would go long into the nighttime hours. Lost in prayer, she would spend 6-8 hours at a time in supplication. Noticing her great love for Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, some of the children of the tribe wagered a bet that St. Rose actually took breaks in between her prayer time. While she was kneeling in prayer, the children placed twigs on the end of her habit, hoping to find them displaced during the course of the night. Every time they did so, they would return 8-10 hours later only to find them in exactly the same place they were originally laid. So taken back were the Indian children, that they "nicknamed" St. Rose "the woman who prays ALWAYS."

Jesus tells us in the Gospel to "pray always". Like our St. Louis, we ask St. Rose Philippine Duchesne to intercede for us before the throne of God, to grant us a heart HUNGRY for Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. In doing so, may we fulfill the command of Christ in the Gospel for Luke this and women who pray always. If you have yet to sign up for an hour of adoration, please consider doing so soon.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark, Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - Twenty-Ninth Sunday

May we be good stewards of all the spiritual gifts given at our baptism and confirmation...

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St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, pray for us.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

About St. Rose Philippine Duchesne


Feast: November 18

St. Rose Philippine DuchesneRose Philippine Duchesne came to the wilds of North America when anything west of Pittsburgh was considered uncharted wilderness. She came up the Mississippi to Missouri and established a school at St. Charles as early as 1818, while St. Elizabeth Seton was doing her work in the eastern United States. She is the foundress of the American branch of the Society of the Sacred Heart.

She was born in Grenoble, France, in 1769, her father a successful businessman. She was educated by the Visitation nuns and, although her father opposed her decision, she entered the Visitation Order in 1788, in the middle of the French Revolution. She was not able to make her profession because of the disruption of the Revolution and had to return home when the Visitation sisters were expelled from their convents.

During the Revolution, she cared for the sick and poor, helped fugitive priests, visited prisons, and taught children. After the Revolution, she tried to reorganize the Visitation community but was unsuccessful, so she offered the empty convent to St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart, and entered the Sacred Heart Order herself. When the bishop of New Orleans, William Du Bourg, requested nuns for his huge Louisiana diocese, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne came to the United States, arriving in New Orleans in 1818.

She and her four nuns were sent to St. Charles, Missouri, where she immediately opened a school; then at Florissant, she built a convent, an orphanage, a parish school, a school for Indians, a boarding academy, and a novitiate for her order. In 1827, she was in St. Louis where she founded an orphanage, a convent, and a parish school. Her energy and ideas were prodigious. When she was seventy-two years old, she founded a mission school for Indian girls in Kansas and spent much of her time there nursing the sick.

Her last years were spent at St. Charles, a model and inspiration to those around her, facing all the hardships of pioneer work. She died on November 18, 1852, at the age of eighty-three and was canonized in 1988. She was truly the "missionary of the American frontier," one that her beloved Potawatomi Indians called , "Woman-who-prays-always."

Thought for the Day: Setback after setback after setback, even into old age! This woman of bronze—St. Rose Philippine Duchesne—let nothing stop her, nothing discourage her, nothing slow her down. We can do almost anything for God if we refuse to be discouraged and are willing to pay the price: the price is something called holiness.

Taken from "The One Year Book of Saints" by Rev. Clifford Stevens
published by Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.,
Huntington, IN 46750.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Family Funny - "Cousins, Baths and Measuring Tapes"

I got this one today from my first cousin.

Well, it was 2:30pm and I was in a meeting with 5 other gentlemen and my phone rang. I normally don't answer my phone in a meeting but if it is my wife I make it a rule that I always step out in case it is something urgent.

In this case it actually was urgent.

My son had just stepped out of the tub and was nude and began playing with a tape measure. He likes tools, bugs, dirt etc., typical boy! As he was measuring things around the house, he let the tape go and as it retracted into the tape measure it caught his scrotum and it got sucked up inside of the tape measure. I made it home from my meeting in record time thinking of what I was going to say to the police man as he pulls me over for going 90 mph.

When I got home the poor little guy was relaxing on the sofa with 8 of his favorite stuffed animals, sucking on his blanket, watching cartoons, with a tape measure hanging from his scrotum. I looked carefully at what was going on and proceeded to collect some needle nose pliers, a screw driver and a paint can opener to try to wedge into the tape measure so that we could release him. On my first attempt at this he began screaming...

"No daddy, please daddy, no daddy!"

So I immediately stopped and called the ambulance thinking that they might have some kind of topical treatment they could throw on there to numb him up and we could take care of it in the living room and avoid a scene at the emergency room.

They ambulance showed up and could not help us so we put a robe on the little guy and took him into the hospital with a tape measure hanging from his scrotum. It turned out that the only way to get that thing off of there was to give him an IV and knock him out which we did and released him from the clutches of this tape measure.

O ya, his scrotum is fine...

as a matter of fact it never even broke the skin. Once out of his hospital room, he proceeded to show all of the nurses in the emergency his scrotum and how the tape measure was no longer attached.

Needless to say, he is not a big fan of that tape measure any more.

True story folks. You believe me don't ya?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Early This Morning Witnessed A Holy Death

A Mother praying that the good Lord would allow her to see the birth of her first grandchild just died early this morning. Two years ago she was given weeks to live. God saw otherwise. A strong prayer network helped defy the doctor's proclamation. Last week the doctors sent her home for a peaceful death.

Praise the Lord, it was a holy death. She died with a thankful heart and received the Last Rites hours before God summoned her home.

"Father, I am just so thankful for this cancer. How many people get two years to prepare to die?"

Our Priest told us this during his homily on Sunday. What a blessing it is to have such a witness.

It is the third holy death from a Mother with cancer in our parish in the last few years. The first was my Mom. She died when her youngest was still in eighth grade. The fruit of her death was children. Our family and our Church family have seen an explosion of births. This was huge as things were getting kinda stagnant.

"God help me!" Mom's last words.

The second Mom was older. She also died with a thankful heart. The fruit of her death is conversion. Many in her family are relearning the Faith. Yes, God is good.

I am deeply saddened by this death, but I rejoice knowing that a holy death produces good fruit.

Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace.

  • Do you want to learn the keys to dying a holy death? Saint Bellarmine will teach you if you let him. Sign up for the free chapter and I will give the spiritual classic on how to die a holy death by St. Bellarmine. In honor of all you holy moms you will get the entire work to devour for the good of your soul. Just leave your name and email and rest assured you will not get spammed. Fair enough?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Saint Robert Bellarmine - "The Poor Souls Answer Our Prayers"

St. Robert Bellarmine: "The Souls in Purgatory can pray for those, who address to them their petitions, and obtain from God help, forgiveness, assistance against temptations, and, all favors, both temporal and spiritual, which they may need."

Saint Bellarmine is in good company teaching us to ask for the intercession from the Poor Souls in Purgatory.

"It is true," says St. Alphonsus, "they are unable to pray or merit anything for themselves, yet, when they pray for others, they are heard by God."

Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - Twenty-Eighth Sunday

From the Desk of Father Mark, Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute

My Dear People,

Lourdes - Healing Our Leperous Soul

Healing is a constant activity of Jesus in the Gospels. In Luke's Gospel this Sunday, Jesus heals the ten lepers follow the prescription of the Law of Moses. Jesus tells them that FAITH had been the key source of their miraculous healing. God gives us many opportunities for physical and spiritual healing.

The Shrine at Lourdes in France has been a center of healing Our Lady established through St. Bernadette since 1858. Mary came to the grotto at Lourdes asking for a Church to be built in her honor. It was to be a center for the sick and broken hearted. Like Jesus, Mary calls for us to have a strong FAITH. Washed through the holly waters of Baptism, our leperous soul is made whole by Jesus Christ. Give thanks to Christ for all of the healing that comes through the sacramental life of the Church beginning with our Baptism. Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark, Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - 28th Sunday

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Saint Robert Bellarmine Prayer

V. The Lord loved him, and adorned him, alleluia.
R. He clothed him with a robe of glory, alleluia.

O Doctor right excellent, * O light of Holy Church, O blessed Robert, lover of the divine law, entreat for us the Son of God. Alleluia.

Let us pray.

O God, who didst adorn blessed Robert, thy Bishop and Doctor, with marvelous learning and virtue to expose the deceptions of error and to defend the rights of the Apostolic See, grant by his merits and intercession, that love for the truth may increase in us, and the souls that do wander may return to the unity of thy Church. Through.

Ant: O ye holy and righteous, rejoice in the Lord, alleluia; for blessed are the folk that God hath chosen to him to be his inheritance, alleluia.

V. Right dear in the sight of the Lord, alleluia.
R. Is the death of his Saints, alleluia.

Let us pray.

Grant, O Lord, that this holy festival of thy blessed Martyrs, Nereus, Achilleus, Domitilla and Pancras, may ever assist us in thy service : and that we may thereby be rendered worthy to walk after thy commandments.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Rosary Ring Short Story

rosary ring

I will actually wear them on my pinky finger. While giving blood once the tattooed and body pierced nursed looked at Rosary Ring and asked what's that?

"It's a Rosary Ring! You know some people get tattooes and body piercings, I wear this instead."

"Oh, OK?"

I know she wasn't offended, but I think she thought I was weird.

Wearing it, even if not actually praying, helps me to keep my focus on Jesus.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - Twenty-Seventh Sunday

The Desk of Father Mark, Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute

My Dear People,

The Miracles Of The Rosary

Sunday Catholic Homily, Rosary, Homily, catholic homily, sunday homily, rosary miracleOctober is traditionally the month of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. In October we normally remember the great prayer for intercession our Lady embraced at the Battle of Lepante. Without her help, the Muslims would have overtaken much of western Europe at that time. Years later, the Jesuit Missionaries in Japan were praying the Rosary at "ground zero" during World War ll, when the atom bomb detonated. Neither were they killed, nor had they suffered any effects of radiation sickness. They were living the messages of Fatima.

Many miracles have been worked through the recitation of the Rosary. It is one of the MOST POWERFUL prayer tools we have in our spiritual arsenal. And yet, how many excuses do we find NOT of PRAYING it daily. I will be remembering all of your intentions this weekend at the Shrine of Lourdes, France on pilgrimage. In my masses and rosaries, I will be praying for your intentions. Please pray in unison with me this week, as we journey through the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminus mysteries as we intercede for your family and friends. Draw close to the IMMACULATE HEART, and know our HEAVENLY Mother's LOVE!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark, Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - 27th Sunday

May we be good stewards of all the spiritual gifts given at our baptism and confirmation...

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Mother's Story of Hope

Dear Friends,
Her is an intriguing story of hope from a desperate mother learning to trust.

"It was a time when I was praying for my children. My faith was strong but I didn't know how to trust. That morning, things weren't going well at home with my husband and my children. After Mass, I sat in front of the statue of Our Lady and I cried. I asked Jesus if He was hearing my prayers, and why weren't things changing? I was crying and I was very exasperated. I said, 'Jesus, I don't think you're listening to me, so I'm going to your Mother.'"

"I prayed, 'Oh dear Mother, you're my Mother and you're always taking care of me.' That's when I asked her to be my mom because I was raised an orphan. I was telling Her all my woes and everything (as if She didn't already know!). I prayed the Rosary and the Divine Mercy. I had my head down with my elbows on my knees and my head in my hands. I was so desperate because I was worried for my family's souls. I raised my head up, tears rolling down my face, and I had this urge to look over to the left side. I saw this man bow to the tabernacle. Where did he come from? The priest had already locked the church doors and I had been alone for quite some time. The man came over to me and said, 'Peace be with you.'"

"I looked at him in surprise and I thought, 'People don't talk like that. Who is this?' I started to tell him about my family and how things are going to pot, and I pray and pray and pray and nothing seems to change."

"He said to me, 'Don't worry, my mother prayed for me for many, many years.'"

"I myself think it was St. Augustine. He put his hand on my shoulder and he said, 'Don't worry.' Then he repeated, 'Peace be with you' and he walked away."

"I felt this grace come over me and it undated my soul. It was so powerful. I was in such awe."

"I put my head back down and I thought, 'Who was that? That was really neat.' I turned to look and he was gone. It's a long aisle! He couldn't have possibly reached the exit in that short period of time. How did he disappear so quickly? He wasn't anywhere around. I thought, 'Oh my goodness!'"

"I presumed he must have been a heavenly being. It was when I finished praying to our Lady that he came to me. She must have sent him to me."

"I don't remember what he was wearing, but he had a book in his hand. He had brown hair and it was kind of curly. The book wasn't a missal; it was larger and thinner and more squarish (in shape)."

"It was so wonderful. I was lifted up with this grace, this beautiful grace that just enveloped me. I felt trust after that. I felt that Jesus really cared. I said to myself, 'WOW. THANK YOU, JESUS! THANK YOU, MOTHER!'"

"It was shocking but I thought, 'What in the world is going on here?'"

"I'm totally convinced that I"m on this earth to help save my family's souls through prayer. The more I think about it and the longer I live, I meet so many mothers, and I think that the Lord has chosen them to do precisely that because of the situations in their families. That's their mission on earth -- to pray for their families. The Lord doesn't need help but He desires us to to help Him. I'm more convinced every day that mothers who are close to Jesus are helping Him to save their families' souls. Our Lady says, 'If you pray and give them to me, I will take care of their souls and see that they get to heaven.' What She says, She means. It's true. It keeps us from worrying so much, and She doesn't want us to worry. It's a lesson in Divine Mercy and trust."

"I heard this story about Padre Pio: This woman came to him in Confession and Padre Pio wouldn't give her absolution. He said, 'Go home and think about it.' She returned and confessed her sins again. Padre Pio got angry and said, 'YOU, the mother of these children! I was shown that your children are in hell because of the way you raised them!' She didn't correct her children or guide them in the right way."

"I always pray for people in danger of losing their souls. Our Lady said souls are falling into hell because there is no one to pray and do penance for them."

Friday, October 5, 2007

Family Funny II

It's family funny time. Who needs comedy shows when you have my family to laugh at?

So, my twin brother is in for the baptism of my new Godchild! He is absolutely the cutest infant in the world. I can truthfully say that because John Paul is no longer an infant.

After the long drive home, my brother walks into our Dad's house. We both have a rotted out sweet tooth and have a tendency to hunt for candy when visiting. He must have been exhausted physically and intellectually after the four hour drive, when he thought he found what he desired.

Mmmmm! Candy!

He popped in the "jaw breaker" and the flavour bursted into his mouth. Well, you know I guess the paint gun next to the "jaw breaker" didn't register in his over exerted head. Because that flavour was paint from a paint ball.

Yes, my brother voluntarily ate a paint ball.

Well done brother!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Saint Robert Bellarmine Gallery

I just realized that for some reason this was in my draft section.

The following is the greatest collection of Saint Robert Bellarmine pictures on the net.

  • Do you have some different ones? If you do I would love to share them with the world. And I mean the world. We have had over 50 countries visit this site.
  • Feel free to copy and paste. And if you don't mind, please refer this website as your source. Thanks!

Saint Robert Bellarmine Picture, St. Robert Bellarmine Picture, Saint

Do you like this picture? I think his eyes are intense.

Let me Know.

Want More Little Known Secrets and Controversies
About St. Robert Bellarmine? Click HERE!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Guardian Angels

Your Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are servants and messengers from God. "Angel" in Greek means messenger. In unseen ways the angels help us on our earthly pilgrimage by assisting us in work and study, helping us in temptation and protecting us from physical danger.

Guardian angels, angelThe idea that each soul has assigned to it a personal guardian angel has been long accepted by the Church and is a truth of our faith. From the Gospel of today's liturgy we read: "See that you never despise any of these little ones, for I tell you that their angels in heaven are continually in the presence of my Father in heaven" (Matthew 18:10). The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that "the existence of the spiritual, non-corporeal beings that Sacred Scripture usually calls 'angels' is a truth of faith (328)." From our birth until our death, man is surrounded by the protection and intercession of angels, particularly our guardian angel: "Beside each believer stands a guardian angel as protector and shepherd leading him to life (336)." The Church thanks God for our helpers, the guardian angels, particularly on this feast day and September 29. Today's feast appeared in Spain during the sixteenth century. It was extended to the universal Church and made obligatory in 1670.

"Be alert in your every action as one should be who is accompanied by angels in all your ways, for that mission has been enjoined upon them. In whatever lodging, in whatever nook or corner you may find yourself, cherish a reverence for your guardian angel. In his presence do not dare to do anything you would not do in mine. Or do you doubt his presence because you do not see him? Would it really help if you did hear him, or touch him, or smell him? Remember, there are realities whose existence has not been proven by mere sight.

"Brethren, we will love God's guardian angels with a most affectionate love; for they will be our heavenly co-heirs some day, these spirits who now are sent by the Father to be our protectors and our guides. With such bodyguards, what are we to fear? They can neither be subdued nor deceived; nor is there any possibility at all that they should go astray who are to guard us in all our ways. They are trustworthy, they are intelligent, they are strong — why, then, do we tremble? We need only to follow them, remain close to them, and we will dwell in the protection of the Most High God. So as often as you sense the approach of any grave temptation or some crushing sorrow hangs over you, invoke your protector, your leader, your helper in every situation. Call out to your guardian angel and say: Lord, save us, we are perishing." — St. Bernard

Patron: Spanish police officers.

Symbols: guardian angel usually portrayed as beardless, sexless beings, winged, human in form and barefooted, usually carrying objects such as a pilgrim's staff, scroll, book, a sceptre or a sword.

Guardian Angels Source

Monday, October 1, 2007

Family Funny

So we are eating spaghetti. Rose (3) looks over at the shirtless John Paul (1) and sees the noodles on his tummy. Now you know why he is shirtless. She sheepishly smiles and grabs a John Paul tummy noodle and dangles the noodle over her mouth.

"Ummm? Rose, what are you doing?"

"Ahhh, nutten." She then proceeds to place the tummy noodle back to its original spot.