Friday, October 5, 2007

Family Funny II

It's family funny time. Who needs comedy shows when you have my family to laugh at?

So, my twin brother is in for the baptism of my new Godchild! He is absolutely the cutest infant in the world. I can truthfully say that because John Paul is no longer an infant.

After the long drive home, my brother walks into our Dad's house. We both have a rotted out sweet tooth and have a tendency to hunt for candy when visiting. He must have been exhausted physically and intellectually after the four hour drive, when he thought he found what he desired.

Mmmmm! Candy!

He popped in the "jaw breaker" and the flavour bursted into his mouth. Well, you know I guess the paint gun next to the "jaw breaker" didn't register in his over exerted head. Because that flavour was paint from a paint ball.

Yes, my brother voluntarily ate a paint ball.

Well done brother!

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