Monday, October 29, 2007

Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - 30th Sunday

From the Desk of Father Mark, Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - Thirtieth Sunday

My Dear People,

Is Harry Potter Replacing Catholic Saints As Heroes?

When occult practices in the media and in the general populace have become so acceptable and mainstream in our present age, this highlights the need for our ALL SAINT DAY masses. Saints are our heroes. For the past twenty centuries, God has raised up women and men outstanding in holiness, uncompromising in their love and faithfulness to Jesus Christ. In our present age, when children and adults of all ages are obsessed with video violence, the occult, and paranormal practices, our Saints stand in contradiction to this norm.

When parents and Children alike become obsessed with the current "Harry Potter" books and videos, dismissing them as "harmless", SAINTS then become our REAL HEROES. All to often Catholics take very lightly their moral obligation to participate in Holy Day Masses, but would never even consider missing their children's sports event. This flip flop in moral values points to our need to know and love the SAINTS. Don't forget to fulfill your moral obligation to celebrate with the "HOLY ONES" this All Saints Day.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark, Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - 30th Sunday

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