Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Family Funny - Rose

So its getting near bedtime. Rose walks in the room.

"Rose did you go potty yet?"

Rose in her pretty soft girly voice, "Mmmmm, yeeaahh."

She waits one second to let her brain catch up to her words. "Mmmmm, Nooo."

She then turns around and runs to the potty.


Therese said...

Hi John Michael.

Thanks for adding me to your favourites. Great blog you have here.

Rose is very cute. How old is she? We have a two year old boy Christopher that has just potty trained himself. He won't wear a nappy (australian for diaper) at night anymore.

The dog with Rose is cute too. Is he/she a beagle?

John Michael said...

Hi Therese,

Thanks for the compliment.

Rose is three. It doesn't seem like she has changed in over a year.

Yes, that is a beagle.

Nice blog BTW.