Saturday, September 15, 2007

"The Nuns Are Coming Out Of The Cage!" - The Traditional Latin Mass

Latin Mass, Traditional Latin Mass

Did you watch it? The Traditional Latin High Mass on EWTN. It was absolutely beautiful. Both of the girls were really intrigued by it. It was so funny to see the little ones exclaim, "Mommy, the Nuns are coming out of the cage!" She always joyfully comments on the Nuns in the cage during EWTN's Benediction. "Mommy, the Nuns are in the cage! Isn't that silly!"

The Little Ones' Love Of The Traditional Latin Mass

The line that might top that was when they saw Mother Angelica during the TLM. Three times they shrieked, "Mommy, Mommy, I see Mother Angelica!!! It's Mother Angelica"

We have been to a couple of Latin Masses and have really enjoyed the sense of the Sacred. I believe that's what intrigues the girls. (Unfortunately, we do not live near a place where the Traditional Latin Mass is offered yet.) We have done many spiritual activities as a family, but nothing compares to sense of the Sacred found in the Traditional Latin Mass. Do you agree?

Latin Mass, Traditional Latin Mass

Go here to hear EWTN's Traditional Latin Mass Homily.

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Catherine said...

I do find that children tend to behave a bit more at the TLM.

Perhaps it is the efficacy of the prayers due to their not being watered down and translated out of the sacred language.

Just a thought.