Friday, September 14, 2007

A Miraculous Catholic Picture? You Decide . . .

So I was at Our Lady of Sorrows Pilgrimage Church in Starkenburg, MO taking pictures. No big deal you know. Then my wife showed me something really remarkable. I took two pictures within seconds of each other and within a few feet and got two totally different pictures. I want you to note that I did nothing to change the camera, except maybe zoom in or out. Here take a look.

Here is pic #1

Our Lady Of Sorrows, Starkenberg, MO

Now compare it with number two.

Our Lady Of Sorrows, Starkenberg, MO

Well, what do you think? I think it is breathtaking.


RobK said...

It looks like one had a flash go off and the other is just natural light. The second with the natural light is far more dramatic!

John Michael said...

Hi robk,

You mention the flash. I don't remember if it went off one time and not the other. But the first pic was the natural light. It was not dark at all.

Nice blog btw