Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Boy's Top Ten Words

It's a list. My top ten words from my boy. He is one year and three weeks old. The word explosion started on his birthday. What amazes me is how they are in context. I keep saying to myself, "where does he get this?"

So, with no further ado, my boy's top ten words...

  1. Milk - He doesn't say milk, but he finally used the baby sign. We love baby signs. We started with the oldest because she is deaf in her left ear and could lose the rest of her hearing in the future. It is a great learning tool.
  2. Down - He loves to be held, so this is seldom used.
  3. Hold you - He would say this more, but has found his own baby sign works better. He crawls up to and head buts your leg. Don't worry it doesn't hurt.
  4. Sister - The wife and I were praying outside on the porch swing while the girls were playing. He leans over and yells "sister!"
  5. I want some - Common, very common.
  6. Hot plate - My mouth dropped when I put a hot pan on the dining room table and those words came out of his mouth. Where does he get this?
  7. Nancy - This is his aunt. What's neat about this is that he saw her picture on the screen saver. Mommy heard "Nancy" turned around and sure enough it was Nancy.
  8. Momma - Whether he is talking about Momma Mary or Mom, these words are beautiful.
  9. Jesus - He said this for the first time on his Birthday. This is when he really started to talk.
  10. God - He said this during the consecration at the at the 9-11 Mass. What shocked us was he was not "taught" this. During the elevation we tell the kids, "look, there's Jesus." Never once did we say God.

There it is. What words are your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren saying that surprise you?

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