Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How Nice Was This?

We took the family to the park today. It rained yesterday, so the air was nice and cool on this Autumn day. After swinging the kids for a few minutes I hear this high pitch.

"Anne Marie. Anne Marie." It was our neighbor with her5 year old grandson that she babysits.

They saw us going to the park and thankfully decided to join us. Our neighbor looked at us with a blue book in her hand and wanted to pray the Rosary with us.

Now, how cool is that?

I thought the blue book was the Pieta, but it was a Scripitual Rosary book. She caught us off guard. We had no Rosary on hand. We usually pray at the park when we go together, but we both have sore throats and didn't think we could handle saying a Rosary together.

There we were, beautiful weather, great location, great friends and praying the Rosary while we let the park baby sit our kids.

Thank God for good neighbors.


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Catherine said...

It sounds like it was VERY nice!