Monday, October 1, 2007

Family Funny

So we are eating spaghetti. Rose (3) looks over at the shirtless John Paul (1) and sees the noodles on his tummy. Now you know why he is shirtless. She sheepishly smiles and grabs a John Paul tummy noodle and dangles the noodle over her mouth.

"Ummm? Rose, what are you doing?"

"Ahhh, nutten." She then proceeds to place the tummy noodle back to its original spot.

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phatcatholic said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog. To answer your question, New Advent has the following:

"Cardinal Bellarmine's Catechism was ordered by Clement VIII to be used in the Papal States, and was recommended for use throughout the world. It appeared in two forms: "Dottrina Cristiana Breve" (1597) and "Dichiarazione piĆ¹ Copiosa della Dottrina Cristiana" (1598). The first is for scholars, the second for teachers; in the first the teacher asks the questions and the scholar replies, whereas in the second this process is reversed. The first, which is meant to be learnt by heart, contains eleven chapters and ninety-five questions, and is arranged in the following order: the Calling of the Christian and the Sign of the Cross; the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Hail Mary; the Commandments of God, the Commandments of the Church, and the Counsels; the Sacraments, the Theological and Cardinal Virtues, the Gifts of the Holy Ghost, the Works Of Mercy, Sins, the Last Things, and the Rosary. It is an improvement on Canisius' catechisms, and hence it was recommended at the Vatican Council to serve as a model for the projected universal catechism."

If you every find either catechism online, I will kiss you.


Pax Christi,