Saturday, February 2, 2008

4138 Prayers For Father Ed!

Welcome Spirit Daily visitors. It is a honor to have you visit St. Bellarmine's Blog. Here is an update. We had 4138 visitors yesterday alone. That number is growing rapidly.

4138 Prayers For Father Ed!

I am humbled. Praise the Lord! What a great apostolate Michael Brown has given us. May God bless him and you for your heart felt prayers.

God is good.

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Again thank you all.


Can I Change A Life? said...

I am also a visitor from You can add me to the list of people praying. I also blogged about this (with a link) at

There are a couple of priests who have had an enormous impact in my life. It sounds like Father Ed is just like them. My heart aches for everybody who cares for this priest.

I hope and pray for a miracle, but more than that, when my day comes, I hope I have the faith that Father Ed has.

Anonymous said...

Dear St Robert Bellarmine Blog
Enclosed is Sr Constance's note letting you know that the sisters are praying for Fr Ed. We have an email prayer group and they are one of the lovely group plus our whole group is praying as well.God bless us all.

Thank you for your prayer requests.
Fr Ed will be remembered around-the-clock in our Adoration Chapel from
Feb. 4 to Feb. 11.
Do let them know of our care and prayers.
May your Lenten Journey be a time filled with renewed grace.
Peace and All Good,
Sister Constance
S. Constance S. Walton, FSPA

Anonymous said...

Please know that my husband and I are praying for the health of Fr. Ed. God Bless
Nilda & Miguel