Friday, February 29, 2008

A Touching Eulogy From A Family Friend

Blogger note: This is the most touching eulogy. How hard it must have been to write it. This is a dear friend of ours.

May eternal rest grant unto him o Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.

It is with enormous sadness that I tell you my father Steve passed away in the early afternoon of Wednesday, February 27. My dad had suffered a brain hemorrhage Saturday night but was able to recognize and communicate with all of his family. He had paralysis on his left side but was moved out of ICU Sunday evening. Early Wednesday morning, he became unresponsive after he started to hemorrhage again and was rushed back to ICU. With all of his family at his side, he passed away peacefully just after noon on Wednesday. My dad was not in any pain, and we are so thankful that we all had a chance to say goodbye.

In the last few years, my dad had endured several medical challenges including six heart bypasses in December 2006. With courage and determination along with a truly incredible and compassionate doctor, he triumphed through all of those episodes. He was a happy man throughout and retained a good quality of life right up until Saturday night. Nothing made him happier than to spend time with his family and especially his burgeoning grandchildren. We just recently celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary with dinner at our house with the rest of our family. He continued to rave about how much he enjoyed that evening.

My dad was the greatest man I will ever know. He lived his entire life for his family. As a WWII veteran in the Army Air Force, he served his country with great distinction. He served over 45 years in the Federal government before retiring in 1981. His kindness, thoughtfulness, heroism, friendship, and unconditional love touched countless lives over his 89 years on this earth. The lessons he taught me and the values he instilled in me will remain all the days of my life. While we are all devastated by this tremendous loss, we are blessed that we have endless, beautiful memories of my dad. He knew how much we loved him, and we knew how much he loved us. That love remains stronger than ever as he watches over all of us from heaven.

Our sincerest thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and support. That will continue to sustain us through this difficult time. With all our gratitude…


Easter A. said...

John Michael,
I agree, it is a beautiful eulogy. I do not know his dad, but one can tell that he was a good one!

I attended a funeral Mass just a few weeks ago. The friend of the deceased said in her eulogy that what we remember most about people is how they made us feel. That was the hightlight of my day. It helps me to undertand relationships with others in a deeper level.

Thank you for sharing this!

August will be a an extra special month for both of you! :-)

Therese said...

many prayers for the repose of your friends Dad. What a beautiful eulogy.

John Michael said...

Thank you!

You can really tell it was written from the heart.