Friday, February 29, 2008

A Guadalupe Prayer

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dearest Mother of Heaven and of earth
Wrapped in the Mystery of the Universe
Stars sparkling, twinkling, radiating His Glory
Interceding for all your Children of the world.

Golden rays emanating from the brightest Star
The Son of God – Jesus Christ – Emmanuel
You stand in prayer with head bowed down
Your eyes fixed on your servants Juan and your Bishop son.

Dearest Mother-to-be with the Child Jesus in your womb
You, the virgin – mother chosen as God’s monstrance
Carry the Hidden Christ Child to be Adored
Blessed Mother, how privileged are we to behold God’s Glory.

Your embossed golden gown speaks of royalty
Your teal mantle trimmed with finest gold
Adorned with stars of glimmering hope
Blessed Mother, Mary, pray for us.

By Judy

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