Monday, February 25, 2008

Sacramental Power - A Scourge To The Devil

The Sacraments are a great scourge to the devil. When used in faith they are a great torment to him and his demons. The saints know this.

I recall one saint was walking and a possessed soul walked toward him. Immediately the demon in this sojourner recognized this humble and pure saint and verbally attacked him. Realizing the situation the saint calmly and confidently placed his scapular around the travelers neck. Instantly the demon was expelled from the poor traveling soul, never to come back again.

That Is Sacramental Power

Here is a story I will share.

My wife and I were in an verbal argument. During the heavy "discussion" my wife, in her great wisdom, sprinkled holy water around the house. The instant she did this the argument stopped in mid- sentence and peace was restored in the house.

God is good.

Do you have any stories about the power of sacramentals?
Please do share.

Blogger Note: Is this picture of Jesus miraculous?


Easter A. said...

Awesome post, John Michael!

We bless our children with Holy Water before bedtime. It is amazing to see how well I sleep. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Did your wife give birth already? Will be coming back...

John Michael said...

Blessing the kids with holy water or oil before bed is very smart.

No baby to hold yet. We are due in August.

Thanks for the comments.