Thursday, February 7, 2008

Luminosa Bavosi - Short Biography

Luminosa Bavosi - Spain's Focolare Movement

Here is Luminosa Bavosi's biography written by Father Ed. Father Ed, a Focolare follower, was reading Bavosi's book when he was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer.

Here’s a little background on Luminosa Bavosi: Her parents were Italian and she lived in Argentina. She was the head of the women’s Focolare in Spain. When she was rather young, late 30’-40’s, she was found with a lung disease that was never really diagnosed. It was this that consumed her slowly. Luminosa’s spirit was indomitable – bubbly and joyous and she continued to radiate God’s presence all through her sickness. I was reading her biography in March, 2001, when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I then began to ask for her intercession. Her exemplary way of “embracing Jesus Forsaken” in every present moment and loving Him as her only spouse and for her great unity with Chiara Lubich, Foundress and President of the Focolare, have been the inspiration for me to both be ready to go home and to see God face to face and to be in unity with all those asking for a healing that I may minister here.


Father Ed

Luminosa Bavosi, pray for us.

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