Thursday, February 28, 2008

Saint Robert Bellarmine Quote - "Turn To Him"

St. Robert Bellarmine Quote, Doctor of the Church
"Turn To Him"
St. Robert Bellarmine

Turn then to Him, thou Peter, though thou hast denied Him thrice, turn to Him weeping bitterly.

Turn to Him, thou Magdalen, and learn to love Him much and much will be forgiven.

Arise, thou prodigal! No more of husks or swinish company, but arise and return to your Father. Doubt you how He will receive you? Ah! see His arms stretched out ready to embrace you; behold His bosom whereon to lay your weary head with tears of joy and thankfulness; hear His angels rejoicing because you who were lost are found, you who were dead are come to life again.

"Come to Me" He says, "come to Me all ye that labor with temptation and I will fortify you with sin-resisting grace; come to Me all ye that are heavy-laden with sin and I will refresh you with forgiveness; come to Me and you shall find peace for your souls."

Saint Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church

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