Monday, June 2, 2008

Little Dakota Has Brain Cancer - Update

Little 4 year old Dakota Needs Your Prayers - Here is the first post.

Strangely, the doctor who was to do the operation was on call and unable to perform the operation today. Does that make sense? A brain doctor on call the night before a scheduled 9 hour surgery.

So, they sent little Dakota home. They are hoping to do the operation next week. As it turns out this is part of an answered prayer as they were having a hard time telling him. Finally, they did tell little Dakota he is very seriously sick and could easily die. This is his answer to his mom.

"Mommy do not cry because someone had come to visit me in my dreams. He told me that he's taking me to heaven to be with God and the Angels."

Dakota also told his mommy that he is tired of being sick all of the time.

Signs of Saintly Intercession

Out of the blue, Paul Hargadon, requested the prayers of Venerable Felix de Andreis and that same week my Bishop wrote an article in the Diocesan paper about Venerable de Andreis and my home parish. Even though Father de Andreis is originally from and buried in my old diocese, I never even heard of the him before Paul gave us the beautiful prayer.

Then last night during prayers for Dakota, little John Paul (almost two year old) says with perfect clarity "Pio" three times. He has never said Pio in his life! So, Saint Pio, pray for little Dakota.

God is good and much good will come from this. It will be interesting to witness how God chooses to heal his people. Will little Dakota be healed, be a healer or both? One thing is for certain, God will move in very a distinct manner. How and who will be healed will be revealed as the story progresses. Praise be the Lord.

Thank you and may God bless you.

Let us pray.

God our Father, we lift up this precious little boy in prayer to You. You love the little children so much that Your Son took a child in His arms and gave us a model of how we are to live: with the humility, simplicity, and innocence of a child. Jesus said that we are to come to You as children, and ask much of You. Lord God, command that Dakota's guardian angel be at his bedside as his protector; send the guardian angels of Dakota's parents and grandparents to shield them from despair, as it is one of the chief weapons of Satan. Strengthen this boy's family in their faith.

Jesus, our loving, merciful Savior, act as the Divine Physician and drive out the tumor that afflicts Dakota. Guide the doctors who will perform surgery on him to remove the tumor; we ask for a miracle for this boy. Astound those who are taking care of him, so that they may realize that You, God, are capable of all things.

Mother Mary, take care of Dakota as only you can. Carry him in your maternal arms through this time of trial, and act as his nurse. I ask through your intercession that God will send a miracle for him and his family, as he is an only son and grandchild.

St. Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Armies, send your legions of angels to keep the devil at bay and provide defenses for Dakota's parents and grandparents. Remind them that the Lord God, above all, fights with them and for them.

I pray all these things in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.
Thanks DonaNobis_Pacem for writing out the prayer.


Paul Hargadon said...

I will continue to pray for Dakota and his family. Thank you for bringing this need to my attention. I will request prayers for him at the archdiocesan website. The contemplative sisters in the archdiocese pray for those intentions everyday.

John Michael said...

Thank you for your prayers, Paul.

We love those contemplative nuns in the Archdiocese! Our oldest child's godmother is a postulant with the Poor Clares there.

I know that entrusting these prayers to everyone has already borne much good fruit!

All praise to our God. His Mercy endures forever!

Therese said...

continued prayers for Dakota. What a beautiful thing he said to his mother.

Easter A. said...

John Michael,
Thanks for your posts for Dakota and family. God bless you for your perseverance in prayer!