Thursday, May 8, 2008

Top 10 Father John Corapi One Liners

Father John Corapi

When Fr. John Corapi delivers his one liners it can be like the proverbial 2 by 4 hitting you in between the eyes! It's a good thing the power comes from the Holy Spirit. Isn't it? Following are some of my favorite Father Corapi Holy Spirit Inspired Sayings . . .

  1. GOD created you without you, but He will not save you without you.
  2. Love might be the most misused word in all of language.
  3. What do you think the Rosary is? It is the Gospel.
  4. It isn't bread, it is the Lord!
  5. I asked the little boy how much of his time he gave to the Lord each day. He said, 'all of it'. I hope they make that kid a Bishop some day.
  6. The thinking of the world is sick. If you don't believe that, just watch the six o'clock news.
  7. The greatest moment in anyone's life is the first time they receive Holy Communion.
  8. Don't listen to theologians if you want to know the truth. Listen to Peter instead. (The Pope)
  9. The acid test of humility is obedience.
  10. My Momma wears combat boots.

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Did you hear? Father John Corapi is being treated for a Parathyroid Tumor and is requesting prayers. FYI one of his favorite prayers is the Memorare.


Marie said...

The acid test of humility is obedience.

All the list is very true, but the underscore is this one essential thing..Obedience and at times it IS a test but one we must pass if we are to embrace humility and live it.

Thankyou John Michael:)

Peace to you always:)


Anonymous said...

Father Corapi, I have feeling you are God"s chosen thirteenth Apostle.
In the Holy Spirit, Amen