Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Father John Corapi Has Parathyroid Tumor!

Father John Corapi, Father John Corapi Tumor

Father John Corapi To Be Operated On In Mayo Clinic!

This is Posted on Free Republic by NYer:

Bottom line, Father John Corapi has a parathyroid tumor and will be going back to the Mayo Clinic next week for surgery. It's a very rare (6 in 1 million men get it), tumor, which is 98% of the time, not cancerous. The good news is they ruled out lymphoma which is what they thought he had. He goes through great detail explaining and extolling the Mayo Clinic, his tests, and our obligation to keep our bodies as healthy as we can.

He also said for the past 7 months he was too sick to get out bed 70% of the time; intense exhaustion with flu like symptoms (a result of the excess calcium this type of tumor causes, in addition to osteoporosis). Surgery is the only cure.

As you might suspect, he turned his experience into a redemptive suffering lecture, reminding us that God's true power comes via our weakness. He also touched on what I've seen more and more recently especially among strong Catholics close to Mary and who offer their sufferings and that is the obvious; how much the world right now needs the help of redemption from the souls willing and able to offer it back to Christ via Mary, united to the cross. I'm sure most of us figured out it was pretty obvious that God needed Father Corapi's suffering especially during Holy Week.

He talked in fairly great detail about his week of tests; including the anxiety for his family, about maybe "checking out", i.e., having cancer, etc. In his forever wit, he joked about the benefit and happiness of dying (except for the pain to his family), rather than having to endure and see the face of a "certain" next US President. He quite seriously said death would be better than having to endure the next likely president for four years.. Yikes!

Anyway, please spread the world to keep Father C in your prayers. His favorite prayer is the Memorare, which is what he asked be prayed for him when he was first admitted to the Mayo Clinic.

He wrapped up his segment with the profound words from his thesis on redemptive suffering:

To be set at the foot of the cross is to be set at the pinnacle of all human possibilities.

Original Father John Corapi Post Concerning His Sickness Here:

Fr. Corapi's Conversion Story - Condensed You Tube Version


Easter A. said...

So glad you posted this, John Michael! I will continue praying for him.

God bless you abundantly!

Marie said...

Oh, thankyou for alerting us John Michael. Fr. Corapi truly is a soldier for Christ. I will pray for him.

Peace to you always:)


Easter A. said...

John Michael,
I know you are looking a job, etc. Listen, I thought maybe that aside from prayers, you need some cheering up, so do visit my main blog, Mostly Prayers, and look for orange flowers.

God bless, brother!

Esther said...

I was hoping this was just a bad rumor. How sad. Fr. C. is in our prayers.

Robyn said...

Do you know if there have been any updates on Father Corapi's condition? We're all VERY worried for him.. Thanks for anything you could tell us..

Robyn said...

Update! Father Corapi called into the show "Life on The Rock" last night on EWTN and talked extensively about whats been happening with him.. He said he's been through every test they can think of at the mayo clinic and he does NOT have cancer, they have not found any kind of disease or infections but they are almost 100% positive it's a parathyroid tumor. Father said they ran all the tests they can for this and it's not showing up but that doesn't mean it's not there and most of his doctors believe it is there. So they are making him wait a few more months to see if it finally shows up and thats why surgery has been put off.. You can't go after what you can't see..
Father also said he's feeling a little bit better than he has been but he's still pretty sick and is unable too travel for now and needs his rest..The host of the show said that everyone is and will continue too pray for him and Father was delighted at that and asked for it too continue and he spoke as he always does, optimistic and just as the holy priest that he is..Please keep your prayers coming for Father Corapi.

Agnes said...

Hello to all:

Fr. Corapi is being prayed for by
not only me, but the St. Theresa
society with masses & prayers in Darien, Il.
I called there as soon as I heard the news.
May this little saint take care of
him for all of us, & shower him with her roses. He is such a
wonderful priest & loved by so many.
Agnes Gubernard

Anonymous said...

Father John,

I am praying the memorare for you. I love to hear your talks. May the holy spirit fill you with faith and courage. Love, Mary

pauline said...

Dear Father John, you are such a trooper. I love your confrences and I have been going to them since1997! I have been praying for you every night since your first conference that I atended. I believe our lady is watching over you, you have led thousands of souls to the right place. I am one of your biggest fans. You are my one and only hero you have made a great difference in my life, thank you so much. I listen to all of your tapes over and over again. I can't wait to see you at your 2009 convention.

God bless you always,
pauline, mayfield ky.