Friday, December 7, 2007

Family Funny - A Little Potty Humor

"Rose, it's time for bed. You need to go potty now."

Whining in her high-pitch girly girl response,

"But, Daddy, my pee-pee doesn't work!"

After convincing her to try anyway, she comes back and remarks,

"Daddy, my pee-pee DID work!"

Want more family funnies?

What are your family funny moments?


Therese said...

We have two clowns in our family. Amelia and Christopher are our clowns.

I remember one time Amelia was watching the bear in the big blue house. Do you have that there?

At the start of the program the bear always leans forward and smells the camera. He says something like mmmmmmmm. Whats that smell? Is it banana's? Did you just eat a banana because you smell like you did.

Amelia says in reply to this

Oh I am sorry, I just blew off. I just about colapsed with laughter. :::grin:::

Barbara said...

When my son Anthony was around six years old, we were in a department store; around the corner was a customer who was a "midget." I acted to not notice for fear my son may innocently say something that I'm sure "little people" hear alot. Well, as I suspected, my son begins his tapping me on the side of my leg. "What do you want?" I said to him. He asked, "Why is she so little?" "Because God makes some people small and some tall." Noticing him take another glance at her, he then turns back, hitting me again on the leg and asks, "Does she bite?" Oh, what goes through the minds of little ones!