Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Am I Not She Who Is Your Mother?

Our Lady of Guadalupe is without a doubt our favorite title for our Lady. I would have been remiss if I didn't give her a little recognition on her feast day, December 12th.

BTW, she is part of our family litany. Do you have a family litany? You should. Our kids love the family litany.

Our Lady of Gaudalupe, virgin Mary

Yes, this is a picture of my Mom. Do you ever call her Mom?


Dawnie said...

Would you mind sharing a bit more about your family litany? What is it?

Therese said...

NO. I don't call her mom. I call her mum. :::grin:::

John Michael said...


Good question. You will get your detailed answer in my next post. Thanks for the idea.

Short answer. Take the beginning of any litany and then add your family saint and family members individual saints to it.

John Michael said...

NO. Therese we need to talk.

I seriously doubt if the Church recognizes "Mum" as an official title of Our Lady.