Monday, December 10, 2007

He Is Not A Cracker!

Jesus is not a cracker. But you wouldn't know from the funeral Mass I attended this past weekend.

This weekend while attending the feast of the Immaculate Conception Mass, a funeral Mass and a Sunday Mass I witnessed three grave abuses. The last one I took to confession, because of how it turned out.

Here are the abuses...

  1. A teenager chewing gum while receiving the precious Body. He helped with the readings, as it was the teenagers turn to do the liturgy, yet he still wore jeans and chewed gum.
  2. I saw a third grader take the precious Body and eat it like a cracker. It took him 3 or 4 bites to consume the Lord of Lords. Thank God he consumed all of Him. He was a pall bearer. If he didn't consume Him, could you imagine going up to this grieving little boy to retrieve our Lord from his pocket?
  3. This one hurts. In a bad exchange, the precious Body falls to the ground. The communicant picks up our Lord and gives it to the Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. You could tell the EOM was confused. The EOM then discretely places Jesus in his pocket!
I witnessed Jesus being treated as a breath mint, a cracker and spare change. Lord have mercy.

Immediately after Mass, I approached the EOM, who I did not know. He admitted his confusion and lack of knowledge in dealing with the situation. I told him that Jesus needs to be consumed and that if he didn't feel comfortable that I would do it. Then things got blurry and the next thing I know he walked away with Jesus in his pocket.

I stood there dumbfounded. What if he is a Mason? Did you know Masons steal the precious Body just to mock it?

Here's Jesus, next to some dimes and nickels, and I let Him walk away. Christ have mercy.

What do you think? What comments do you have?


Therese said...

What a terrible situation you were in John. I think you did the right thing walking up to the EOM. You pointed out to him what should happen and offered to do it but this person walked away. He is aware and if he does the wrong thing with the host now he is sinning. I really don't think there is much else that you could have done.

Dawnie said...

I would have spoken to the priest if the EOM didn't listen. The EOM may have been able to claim ignorance, but the priest wouldn't and should take care of the Host. If the priest didn't listen, I would take it to the Bishop. That's a pretty serious abuse, if you ask me.

John Michael said...

Good advice Dawnie. I didn't think about that. I called him that afternoon, to talk about it and go to confession. He wasn't there.

BTW. Welcome to the blog. It is nice to have you here. Nice blog yourself. You have beautiful children.