Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Son Head Butts Jesus . . .

We have a family custom in our little house hold.

After we say our bedtime prayers we give Jesus and Mary kisses from our wall portraits. This is where the head butts come in.

John Paul (1) gives Jesus and Mary head butts instead of a kissing them. Just so you know he does not have any malice in his heart. He generally smiles or laughs at Jesus and Mary.

What do you think?

What customs do you have that the little ones adjusted in some childlike manner?


Joseph Fromm said...

John Michael,
After night prayers we pray for family members. My three year old son likes to pray for Tasha, Pablo, Austin, Uniqua and Tyrone of The Backyardigans!

John Michael said...


It's been ten minutes since I last read your comment and I am still laughing.

Lisa said...

Giggling over Joseph's 3 y.o.!
~ We also have the tradition of blowing kisses to our statues at bedtime, and it extended to our little ones kissing the miraculous medal I wear around my neck ~ a problem when they try to grab for the medals worn around the necks of unsuspecting friends ~ or when they start digging in your shirt to find it... Embarassing in public! (Hopefully endearing to the Blessed Mother!)