Saturday, December 8, 2007

Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit Tidbit

Fellow blogger, Joseph Fromm, decided to list his eight things about himself on my blog comments. So I decided to publish them.

FYI, he has more information on the Jesuits than you can imagine. The red comments are mine.

Nine things about me, Joseph Fromm, Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit

  1. Oldest son, with younger brother and sister.
  2. Fell through the winter ice at 8 years old, saved by God from death. I bet your Mom prays a lot.
  3. I work for an NFL football team. Wow.
  4. I have two children.
  5. My wife is an evangelical convert to Catholicism. My wife is a convert.
  6. A good Jesuit helped me pull my self from out of the puddle I was drowning in, he spent five years and countless hours as my spiritual director. I would love a good spiritual director.
  7. I went on a Marian pilgrimage to Poland with my brother, It changed my/our life again. You can't beat a good pilgrimage.
  8. The hardest, yet most rewarding devotion that I have made, was a "by the book" Sacred Heart of Jesus, 9 month, First Friday devotion.
  9. I want to be a farmer in my old hometown up in the midwest. I would say cattle would be best.

1 comment:

Joseph Fromm said...

Yes, my mom does pray alot. Convert wives are great (understatement)! I can't wait to go back to Poland. My spiritual director was absolutly awesome, I am eternally grateful (not an understatement).

Thanks for the highlight!