Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Day In The Life . . . "The New Nun"

Here is the update of our friend, Gloria, the newest Poor Clare nun. Gloria was given the chance to write her family. Here is her little story about how she is adjusting.

She writes, "I am settling in quite well here with the Poor Clares, and although everything is new to me, it all feels familiar somehow. I am sleeping well, eating well and starting to pick up the routine. The Novice Mistress Sr Mary Rose and her assistant Sr Mary Elizabeth are easing me into things. All are patient with the newest member, who is constantly confused, especially by the Liturgy of the Hours which the community prays 7 times a day!

But honestly, between these set prayers of the Church, we do plenty more praying--constantly and for everyone. Please know that all of you are not only in my prayers, but also in the prayers of all 12 of the other Poor Clares here. And feel free to call if you have special prayer requests or even an urgent message for me, ie about how to handle something I left behind.

I didn't even know the Liturgy of Hours had seven daily prayers associated with it. Did you?

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Therese said...

I didn't know that either John. I did know that people prayed it every morning but not 7 times. It is a devotion I haven't really looked at before. I have thought of praying it but haven't ever. Maybe I will look into getting a book with it sometime soon.