Monday, August 6, 2007

Your Sunday Catholic Homily Minute - Aug 5th

From the Desk of Father Mark,

My Dear People,

Jesus Established The Catholic Church

"Ex Cathedra" (translates - from the chair) is the term used to describe the official teaching authority of the Holy Father, or the local ordinary (bishop). When Pope Benedict speaks on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church, he is careful to pronounce the Teachings of Jesus Christ and of Sacred Scripture. Recently, the Pope clarified the Teachings of Jesus and the Holy Apostles when he accurately described the temporal connection of the present Roman Catholic Church to the present 21st century Church.

No other Christian denomination can truthfully and historically trace their temporal connection back 2000 years plus, without a deviation or break away. Simply put, the Roman Catholic Church has remained the same in its connection to Christ from the time of the Holy Apostles. The media loves to twist and turn the truth to suit its need to "sell hype". Truth is not the main purpose, nor ever was the purpose for the mass media. Therefore, the recent criticism of the Holy Father's comment about the true nature of the Roman Catholic Church by the media, is simply to "sell the news", truth or no truth. We must be discerning Catholics, especially when it comes to the media. We cannot be mindless when it comes to the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Church. Know Jesus and know Truth. No Jesus and no truth!

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark , Your Catholic Sunday Homily Minute

May we remember that the many possessions we strive to acquire are worthless in the eyes of the Lord.

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