Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saint Robert Bellarmine - Home Town Catholic Tidbits

Montepulciano, Italy, Saint Robert Bellarmine's home town, has a really cool Catholic tidbit. During the 16th century this little hill town was a Vocation hot spot. Although secular history would most note the town's strategic location, prime for quarreling factions competing for this prize fort.

Because of the constant battles over Montepulciano, located two hours north of Rome, the villagers were known to be very simple and not into worldly material goods. The exact characteristics needed to have a fertile Catholic vocation breeding ground. This little town of 4000 produced more vocations in 100 years than some metropolises do in a life time. Here is the list.
  • 32 Bishops
  • 12 Cardinals
  • 1 Pope, Saint Bellarmine's Uncle Pope Marcellus II
  • 2 Canonized Catholic Saints

Can you imagine how many priest came out of Montepulciano?

Do you know where the current vocation breeding grounds are? Leave your comments here.

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