Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Latin As A Second Language

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So our kids are young. You know we have three precious little ones five years old and younger. Look at the little ones' pictures HERE. BTW, did I tell you we are home schooling. We are so excited!

So, we want our kids to learn Latin. It is a beautiful language, romantic even, and will help them learn to grasp the English language so much better.

We prayfully choose St. Thomas Aquinas Academy for all of our homeschooling needs. Counseling with our Homeschooling Advisor, we have developed this plan of attack.

  1. We will teach our children the Latin prayers. As I know this is obvious, but you have to start somewhere. They already know the traditional ones so we will just incorporate both. Just like the Church has formally been instructed to do. Hopefully they start implementing the Latin more.
  2. We will slowly implement Latin into our family Rosary. Can you see us doing this in pulblic?
  3. Latin Music - Talk about creating an appreciation for something beautiful.
  4. Formal Teaching - We were advised to start around the fourth grade.
  5. Purchase Lingua Angelica I - It's A Christian Latin Reading Course
What do think?

John Michael, you are waisting your time.
Wow, I wish we did that.
Good idea, but you're moving to slowly.
You're weird, where's the back button.
Have you really thought about trying out this idea.
I thought we were the only people doing this.

Leave a comment. How else will we know what you think. What will it hurt.?

St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

It is intimidating, that is for sure! I tried Latina Christiana last year but it was so difficult for me to integrate it into our regular school routine so I am trying something new this year that I heard is a good intro for kiddos. If you check out my blog, I'm going to post soon about it. By the way, your babies are absolutley GORGEOUS!!
God bless you with your homeschooling adventure! When I first started, I only "schooled" about 20 minutes a day with my kindegartener. Don't put too much store in the all day all learning all the time dealio. It's much better when they don't know that they are "doing school" or if they are just getting some nice, one on one time with mom or dad! They can get more serious in first or even second grade.

John Michael said...

Hey Laura,

Nice blog, how did you get so many publishers?

What are you trying this year with the kiddos? I would love to know.

Thanks for the advice.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Oh, do you mean commentors? I started blogging a few years ago to chronicle the funny things my kids say and pictures of them because "scrapbooking" is tiresome and takes up too much time and money. So, I started checking out other people's blogs and following links. Then, i started commenting on a bunch that I thought were interesting and they followed the link of my name (like I did yours!) back to my blog! I gave my blog address to a pal at church and she shared it with her hubs who had started his own blog and invited some of our parish members (all guys, except his wife my friend) and then when he commented on my blog I was shocked to see a "parish blog" was started and that they linked to ME! Eventually, after I commented a bunch, he invited me to contribute. It is sort of a four way conversation between me and 3 of the guys at my parish but it is so neat to see their thoughts and I was so honored to be included! I thought I was so incognito for so long that I got a little nervous that they all knew me but they all have pseudonymns but I know who they all are now, so it's okay! I am always interested in how men's brains work and it's pretty cool to find out in this way. No, I'll never figure you guys out, but I don't WANT to! It's just good to know some really great guys who really love their wives and children and want to glorify God by showing that to the world. My hubs included!

I have made some really lasting friendships in the real world and don't NEED anymore friends, but I thank God every day that I have been introduced to some of the greatest people on earth just because of the blogs!

Oh, I will talk about this year probably on Sunday night after things calm down. Right now I'm organizing my house, changing out winter/summer clothes for SEVEN people, cleaning out cabinets to make room for books, and purging toys because they only play with each other now and we don't need so many things cluttering up our small house. I will go into detail so you can get a good idea about MN law regarding homeschooling and what we actually DO during the school year!