Sunday, August 19, 2007

Your Catholic Sunday Homily - Aug 19th

From the Desk of Father Mark, Your Catholic Sunday Homily Minute

My Dear People,

The Era of Peace

Catholic Homily, Homily, Sunday Homily, Catholic Sunday HomilyGod has not come to spread peace, but division. It doesn't seem possible for Jesus to be a source of separation, but He is by His very nature. There are no "fences" in Heaven to sit upon. Everyone in Heaven is "for the Lord". Now the situation is different in Hell, however. Hell is constant torment and division. So when Jesus came to set the Earth on fire, it was with the fire of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings peace, justice, goodness and patience.

Jesus came to establish the "era of peace" that we have yet to see on Earth (as it is in Heaven now). We long for an "era of Peace" St. John describes in the Book of Revelation. On the seventh day God rested. We have yet to enter into the "seventh day". On that day the Lamb and the lion will lay down together in PEACE. Until that time, we shall hunger for the Lord, and for His Peace! Pray daily for that peace on your rosaries, so that all mankind may know God's Mercy and Love.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,

Fr. Mark, Your Catholic Sunday Homily Minute

May we as families, recognize the importance of giving and strive to find more ways that we can share our blessings with others.

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Paul said...

Are you talking about the second coming? When you are referring the reign of peace?