Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saint Robert Bellarmine - The Love of Money, Charity And The Pursuit Of Holliness

St. Robert Bellarmine spent his entire life on the Pursuit of Holiness and here he related how the love of money uproots charity and spoils your Pursuit of Holiness. It is some hard hitting stuff, by God's Little Warrior, but hey he lived his advice and his advice is true.

Pursuit of Holiness, St. Robert Bellarmine, Saint Robert Bellarmine, Cardinal Robert Bellarmine"The love of money is the root of all evils
, says the Apostle, but the root of all good is charity, and these two can never remain together. Wherefore, unless a man becomes truly and perfectly poor in spirit, so that, whether his possessions be small or great, his heart is not in them and he is always ready to give something to those in need. . . he cannot obtain the Kingdom of God . . ."

"Charity commands that we love our neighbor as we love ourselves, and that what we should wish to be done to ourselves, we do to him. Now who is there who being much in need would not wish the rich to give him something out of their superabundance?...On this point I beseech the reader to consult St. Basil in his Sermon to the Rich. There he will see and be terrified at the danger which men run who forget that they will have to render to God an account of their riches . . . If we shall have to give an account of every idle word we speak, much more shall we of the money we mis-spend."

You Have heard Of Lay Down Your Life, But Lay Down Your Riches? ? ?

"Let us hear the Apostle St. John, and from him learn how extensive is the duty of charity. His words are: 'In this we have known the charity of God, because He has laid down His life for us; and we ought to lay down our lives for the brother." Christ laid down His life for His servants, and can it, be a great thing if we lay down our lives for our brothers? The Apostle does not say that we may if we choose lay down our lives for them, but that it is our duty and that we ought to do so. . . And if we ought to give our very lives , how much more are we bound to give of our riches?"

That is some great stuff wouldn't you agree? How are you doing on your charity and the love of money?

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