Saturday, September 6, 2008

Father Corapi, "The Dignity of Human Labor"

Father John Corapi

"Using Labor To Overcome Depression & Anxiety"

My Dear Brethen,

As we celebrate the secular holiday of “Labor Day” it’s helpful to reflect on the dignity of human labor. The Church holds work, “labor,” in great esteem. Those who work for a living exercise an essential element of human existence and in so doing support their families, contribute to society in their own unique way, and show forth the dignity of both the labor and the laborer.

I have seen so many examples in the course of my life of how working can truly make a person feel good about themselves. I would go so far as to say that if we don’t work in some productive manner it is more difficult to feel good about ourselves. Even those who are challenged in some way through physical or emotional injuries or disabilities must engage in some form of activity that can benefit others if they are to fully experience their own human dignity. One of the greatest ways to overcome emotional challenges such as depression and anxiety is to work in earnest at some productive enterprise. Feed the hungry, house the homeless, visit the sick, give encouragement to the suffering. In so doing you will begin to feel better, having concentrated on something other than your own problems.

Prayer Is The Greatest Form of Labor

Taking away a human being’s incentive to work is one of the most destructive things we can do to a man or woman. It is essential that all individuals that are able to function productively should do so. Children should be shown very early in life the joys and fulfillment of hard work and the benefits it can bring. The elderly should be encouraged to do something productive as well, whether actual labor or labor related to a hobby or craft. Work keeps the mind, the body, and the soul engaged, remembering that prayer is the highest and most productive work of all.

May God bless all of the labor and all the laborers in a most abundant way.

Fr. John Corapi

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