Monday, September 22, 2008

God Is Not Fair! He Is Just!

From the Desk of Father Mark, Your Catholic Sunday Homily Minute - 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

My Dear People,

God is not fair. God is just.

The Kingdom parables are Christ's teachings on the completion of His Father's plan of salvation. Today's Gospel from Matthew, focuses on Our Lord's great generosity. His Mercy and Compassion knows no boundaries. We are beneficiaries of that Divine Love. It is a signature characteristic of the Kingdom. God is not fair. God is just. His Justice is not our justice. God is free to be merciful and loving as He sees fit. No human being can tell God how to love or how to forgive.

The most merciful act of the Father was the love given to us through His only Son upon the Holy Cross. In Jesus Christ we see the perfect love of the Father. It is almost too hard for our mind to grasp. He loved us so much that He gave us His only begotten dying upon the Cross. What a great Father we have in Heaven. Give praise and thanks for our Heavenly Father for the great love He has given us in Jesus!

May we be faithful and generous stewards, joyfully accepting Our Lord's invitation to come and work in His vineyard.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark

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