Monday, September 29, 2008

God Answered The Prayer!

Do you remember a week or so ago? My brother, James, was in a motorcycle accident while coming home from a Prison Ministry meeting. He missed a curve. It was ugly.

A quick recap of injuries:
  • Broken back in four places
  • Broken ribs
  • Broken sternum
  • Broke both shoulder blades
  • Problems with his groin and ankle
  • Broken collar bone

James came home in 5 days, it would have been less if the doctors would have communicated better.

He has no internal injuries or nerve damage. Can you believe it?! He went on the prison ministry retreat this weekend and gave his conversion story. He didn't even miss his son's football game.

God is so good! Praise the Lord!

Thank you and may God bless you all.


Therese said...

God is very good. Praise him for this wonderful news.

John Michael said...

Yes, God is good! Thank you.

Therese, we are praying for your family and Tom.

Paul Hargadon said...

Thank God. The Lord obviously has a lot more work for your brother to do. Prison ministry is so sorely needed.

Kathy ~TOG said...

Hi John,

Yes! I do believe it! Miracles do happen...all we need is faith.

So happy to hear your brother is doing so well!

God bless,

Easter A. said...

John Michael,
That is awesome!!!
Praise our great God, indeed! I am so glad you posted this testimony. It refreshes our faith in God who is truly awesome.

John Michael said...

I am so thankful for everyone prayers!

God truly did show His Mercy.