Monday, September 15, 2008

Scripture Demand Bishops To Correct "Former Catholic Politians"

From the Desk of Father Mark, Your Catholic Sunday Homily Minute - 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Dear People,

Scripture Demand Bishops To Correct
"Former Catholic Politians"

Scandal has become a common place event in our world today. Whether former Catholic politicians who have abandoned Christ and His teachings, or the absolute horror of abortion in our country, the number increases. Jesus addresses the cure for scandal within the Catholic community. We are responsible for each other's salvation. It is a fact.

When a brother creates scandal through sin, we are to confront him alone. If that fails, we are to bring another faith friend. Next, witnesses are to enter the picture. Finally, it is to be brought to the attention of the Church. All this is done, not to humiliate an individual, but to SAVE his very soul. When our Catholic bishops publicly correct Catholic government and civil leaders, it is their moral duty to do so. Christ calls for it. We must pray for our bishops daily. They need to be strong and courageous in these times. We all must be the LIGHT OF CHRIST, for a world immersed in great darkness.

May we be good stewards, managing well all that God has left in our care.

Entrusting you to the care of Our Lady,
Fr. Mark

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