Friday, July 11, 2008

Can I Pee On Your Mascot?

Think you can defile a University Mascot and get away with it. You would hope not.

Well, this Minnesota Professor, has some very hateful comments he posted on the University's web site thinking he can do something "similar" to our Faith. God have mercy on him!


Paul Zachary Myers, a professor at the University of Minnesota Morris, has pledged to desecrate the Eucharist. He is responding to what happened recently at the University of Central Florida when a student walked out of Mass with the Host, holding it hostage for several days. Myers was angry at the Catholic League for criticizing the student. His post can be accessed from his faculty page on the university’s website.

Here is an excerpt of his July 8 post, “It’s a Frackin’ Cracker!”: Blogger Note: Unfortunately, sometimes Catholics are not much better.

“Can anyone out there score me some consecrated communion wafers?” Myers continued by saying, “if any of you would be willing to do what it takes to get me some, or even one, and mail it to me, I’ll show you sacrilege, gladly, and with much fanfare. I won’t be tempted to hold it hostage (no, not even if I have a choice between returning the Eucharist and watching Bill Donohue kick the pope in the balls, which would apparently be a more humane act than desecrating a goddamned cracker), but will instead treat it with profound disrespect and heinous cracker abuse, all photographed and presented here on the web.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“The Myers blog can be accessed from the university’s website. The university has a policy statement saying, ‘When dealing with others,’ faculty et al. must be ‘respectful, fair and civil.’ Accordingly, we are contacting the President and the Board of Regents to see what they are going to do about this matter. Because the university is a state institution, we are also contacting the Minnesota legislature.

“It is hard to think of anything more vile than to intentionally desecrate the Body of Christ. We look to those who have oversight responsibility to act quickly and decisively.”

Contact President Robert Bruininks at

Catholic League: For Religious and Civil Rights


Marie said...

This is just disgusting!...*sighs* Would they DARE desecrate the Muslim Faith? Heck no! Too frightened!

Peace to you John Michael:)


John Michael said...

Yes, Marie, you are correct. You will not see him asking for the Torah.

Have Mercy Lord!

Anonymous said...

Paul Zachary Myers

Good luck to you on your wanton efforts to upset Roman Catholics. It is sad that you seem to think that some kind of abuse will be orientated towards you from a religion that teaches forgiveness and salvation.



Anonymous said...

Actually he threw a couple pages of the Koran in with it along with some other secular book about God's existance. I can't remembe the title of the other book but it is a fairly new relaease. Also included an old banana peel

Kenneth said...

Of course, I'm sure that in his feeble mind it hasn't occurred to him that desecrating the Eucarist is - to an atheistic educator - much like burning books. I wonder if he would stand by while people destroyed the last copies of his masters or doctorate thesis?

Anonymous said...

Are you serious?