Sunday, July 13, 2008

Miracles of Venerable Felix de Andreis

Unveiled - Miracles of Venerable Felix de Andreis

Father de Andreis First Miraculous Intercession - The Housekeeper!

Father Felix de Andreis Tombstone
While the body of Father Felix de Andreis was laid out in a chamber of the seminary, Bishop Dubourg's housekeeper, a pious woman who for some years had been afflicted with an incurable disease, knelt in prayer by the holy priest, fervently praying to be cured through the intercession of him whom she honored as a saint; she arose, perfectly cured. Bishops Dubourg (St. Louis' First Bishop) and Rosati have attested the truth of this fact.

The Star of Bethlehem Comes Again!

During the burial services a shining light, like a star, was seen, fixed over the church; the whole city saw it. Despite the bright light of the sun, this star remained visible in the heavens for three hours, from nine o'clock till midday. The body of the priest was not interred in St. Louis, but was taken to the Lazarist seminary in Perry county and is buried in St. Mary's of the Barrens home to the National Shrine of the Miraculous Medal. Many said that the extraordinary star followed the funeral cortege till the mortal remains were deposited in the chapel seminary.

Taken from the "Annals of the Congregation of the Mission "

On a personal note: Little Dakota's easily could have died. Then Venerable Felix de Andreis revealed himself as a prayer warrior for this little lad. Full story here.

Prayer to Obtain the Beatification of
Venerable Felix de Andreis

O Lord, the giver of all good gifts, you have shown the power of your grace in the life and virtues of your servant, Venerable Felix de Andreis. Draw others to your service by the influence of his example; and, if such be your holy will glorify him here on earth by manifesting the power of his intercession through the favor we now implore--(insert request).

Hasten, dear Lord, the day when Felix de Andreis will be declared Blessed by Holy Mother Church. This we ask of you through the intercession of your Immaculate Mother, the Queen of Saints.


Venerable Felix de Andreis, pray for us!


Paul Hargadon said...

I continue to pray to Venerable Felix de Andreis for little Dakota and his family everyday.

John Michael said...

Many, many thanks Paul!

Father de Andreis decided to "show" up again. I was researching "why pray the Rosary" and found an article on him.

Have you ever heard it is the Saints that pick us and not the other way around?

God bless you, Paul.

Paul Hargadon said...

The Lord assigns a guardian angel to us, so it may very well be that some saints are on "special assignment". Father De Andreis, pray for us.