Saturday, July 26, 2008

Planned Parenthood Debacle - An Eyewitness Report

It's Amazing! Courage, Truth, Fear & Murder

All In One Morning At Planned Parenthood

By an anonymous prayer warrior.

A large group was assembled to pray outside of a St. Louis Planned Parenthood abortion mill. I arrived early to pray the Rosary when the Truth Truck from Troy Newman's Operation Rescue pulled up. This is when all hell broke loose.

It's Truly a Shocking Sight!

This truck has pictures of aborted babies on the sides, so large that no one can miss seeing them. And that's what it means to do, shock the public as to what abortion is. You see anytime truth confronts evil, Satan throws a tantrum.

Anyway, the truck turned right into the PP drive, pulled up in front of the doorway, and stopped! Those of us outside the wrought iron 'gates of hell' were amazed, and then thrilled. I thought, "What a gutsy move."

They Had A Gun . . .

Security came from the porch of PP and approached the driver, who was still in the truck. I wondered to myself if the security guards were armed. Then I saw the male security guy unsnap the strap over his gun. "Uh oh," I thought. This guy's a cowboy and this could get ugly. PP 'deathcorts' came out as well. One of them called the police. We were all praying like crazy.

Before the police arrived, the male security guard went to the gates and closed them. Inspired, Mary Maschmeier, who organizes so much pro-life work here in St. Louis told the guard.

"It's against the law to close those gates while people were inside, what if there was a fire and the people were trapped in the parking lot because they couldn't get out!?"

Then the truck drove around the circle inside the parking lot and stopped at the inside entrance of the driveway. When the guard opened the gates a young girl in a car pulled in but couldn't go anywhere because the truck was stopped.

Then 3 police cruisers arrived, but couldn't go anywhere either. The first cop got out and talked to the truck driver. The driver moved his truck back to the first place he had pulled up to, right at the entrance doors. After a few minutes, cars got moved and the truck exited PP property to a standing ovation from the fellow pro-life demonstrators. The driver proceeded to circle the building on the street for the next hour, advertising the horrors of PP.

They Screwed Up!

Mary spoke to the driver. He said he had pulled in to PP to 'ask for directions.' And Mary also said that he wasn't arrested because the guard had closed the gate, so he wasn't able to get out. I have to say I was so energized that this man would risk jail by doing this. I would have gone with him!

You wouldn't wanted miss this for anything! Just think, if they didn't lock the gates the Truth Truck would have drove around the block and some of the Mothers would have never seen it.

  • Thanks to Tracy Mathews for her photos
  • The eyewitness is a dear anonymous friend of mine. God bless prayer warriors!
  • Edited by John Michael, St. Bellarmine"s Blog

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

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