Thursday, July 24, 2008

St. Robert Bellarmine, The Miracle Worker

St. Robert Bellarmine

"The Fisherman of Fish?"

Our good Saint Bellarmine, a Doctor of the Church, is known for his prolific writings. He once wrote a book on how to learn Greek, a language he taught himself! His writings definitely overshadows his heroic virtue, devout prayer life and the miracles he performed.

Amazingly, This Staunch Defender Of The Faith,
Worked Miracles & Nobody Knows About It!

Do you love miracle stories? Do they not truly show the great glory and power of our Lord?

Be amazed at this, a St. Bellarmine miracle.

"Come, Fish, Come!"

One evening the Cardinal was taking a walk outside the city walls along the banks of the river where some fishermen were plying their craft, trying to catch some shad. When they saw Bellarmine coming, they ran to meet him and to get his blessing.

"Well, have you not caught any fish?" he asked.

"We are dying of hunger," one of them answered, "for we can catch nothing."

The great drag net had been raised, and only three shad had been taken, and these the first for some days past, while the license they had to pay for fishing was very heavy. They had only just lowered the net again, which was usually left some two hours in the water.

"Well," he said, "pull it up and you will catch some fish."

"I will do as you bid," said one of the fishermen, "though we have had it up so lately and caught nothing."

"Oh, then leave it awhile," said Bellarmine.

The good Cardinal went on a few steps further to a little wayside chapel of the Madonna della Grazia, which was close to where the nets were hauled up. There he knelt and prayed for a quarter of an hour, and then coming back to the men at the ropes, he lifted his hand from under his mozzetta, and, as if beckoning to the fish to come to the net, he cried,

"Come, fish, come!"

The men at once found their hand nets filled again and again.

"Now, lift up the drag net, so I can bless the bounty the Lord has given us."

The fishermen thanked him and begged him to come again and often, and when he was gone the same fortune attended them, till before evening they had nearly twice as large a haul as they ever had in the best of seasons.

Notice St. Bellarmine took this to the Chapel. Maybe, God is calling you to visit Him in the Chapel. Do you have 30 minutes so God can work a miracle in your life?

Go visit Him! You deserve it!


Kathy ~TOG said...

Great story John!

Makes me want to go to the Chapel all the time!

God be with you,

John Michael said...

Thanks Kathy,

If the gas is to high for you to drive you can always go to

St. James, pray for us.