Friday, August 29, 2008

Why Do Prayers Go Unaswered?

So God Is Not Answering Your Prayers?

ST. AUGUSTINE says there are three kinds of people who pray and are not heard and three ways in which they pray.

First, those who pray in a bad state of mind — that is, a state of mortal sin.
There is nothing which turns God from man so much as sin. Man, after being regenerated by baptism, should always have his soul in a state of purity, instead of which he very often has it in a state of sin, thus compelling Almighty God to leave him and go far from him. Therefore, when we pray we should always be in a state of grace.

Secondly, those who pray in an unfit manner — with a heart full of distractions and a mind overwhelmed with the turmoils and affairs of this wicked world.
They may be on their knees — they may be in the temple of the Almighty, but their heart is not there. When this is the case they cannot be heard, neither can God grant them their prayers.

Lastly, those who ask for things which they should not — like things of the world or those which would be injurious to us.
God, Who is all love, has created man for everlasting glory, therefore, how is it possible that He could grant us a petition which would only conduce to our own confusion and injury?

Here is what St. Robert Bellarmine Reveals About Unanswered Prayer

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