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Confessions From An Immodest Mother

Immodestly Dressed Mother Comes Out Of The Closet To Reveal All!

A Mother Is Shocked To Realize The Hidden Evils Attached To Immodesty! Read Her Amazing Story As She Charitably Relates The Struggles Of Overcoming Immodesty...

Dear John Michael,

I think you are right modesty is the lost virtue. But speaking as a woman who did not see this problem until a few years ago in regards to myself and my adolescent girls, I must tell you that women and girls simply do not see it most of the time.

Sometimes We Dress Immodesty Because Of Convenience

We wear what we are told looks good, what is comfortable, what is available on the racks and what our friends are wearing. From experience I know it helps to have "rules"...the neckline no lower than x; the hemline no higher than y; the straps no thinner than w (if straps are allowed at all, or if sleeves of three-quarter length only, or if cap sleeves are allowed, or short sleeves.....I tell you. People have many different criteria for what is modest.

Teaching What Is Immodest Is The Key

It seems silly, but the knowledge of such things is just not widely taught anymore. And when you start to figure things out (for me, it was my husband's insistence and most women will not listen to their husband on these matters in this feminist society) it was still a process and took some time to develop sensibilities, learning from loving, caring and not harsh, judgmental women, who wanted to help and knew that it could be a struggle.

Remember To Praise To The Lord

Please don't think women are doing this intentionally, at least most of the time. Forgive us for our bad judgement. When all else seems to fail, follow Archbishop Fulton Sheen and praise God for the beauty and dignity of women. We have been conditioned (and created too) to be pleasing to the eye, and we can be still beautiful when modest, actually we are the most beautiful then, of course. But the line gets fuzzy between modest and immodest dress sometimes, especially when we are in the learning stage.


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Leticia said...

Excellent post; most women don't understand the concept of modesty because it is so rarely discussed, and there are so few role models.
Guidelines I recently read at a Franciscan Friar are:no lower than four fingers below the breastbone for blouses, nothing sleeveless, nothing above the knee (skirts or shorts) and nothing skin-tight or see-through.
This will limit your fashion choices, but you will help protect the virtue of those around you.

Easter Almuena said...

Excellent post, John Michael!!!

May I share this with homeschoolers here in my diocese? Please thank the contributer for me. I pray that God will bless her abundantly for her humility and for taking the time to write this article!

John Michael, I also left a message for you on you other post. How proud I am of you and Regan!

God bless you both abundantly, loving parents!

In Christ,

John Michael said...

Thank you for the insight and guidelines, Leticia. I know this concept is something my wife has been struggling with lately (at least the shorts part.)

Easter, please feel free to share away! It is so important for us to start the change back to modesty. What better way than to start with our children?

God bless,
John Michael

John Michael said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your post were rejected for lack of charity.

You can leave the same comment with slight editing.

Thank you for comments.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

I think women should dress modestly when they enter church when I go to church I dress in sensible slacks and a nice sweater I do not own dresses because I liv in RI and it is very cold

Anonymous said...

I really find it extremely hard to understand why any adult woman has no concept of "good taste"in regard
to appropriate clothing,be they going out to the stores,to pick up the children from school,etc.,never mind to enter a Catholic Church.
I am 55 years old,female,married 5 kids and was taught basic concepts of modesty which in "my time" went as far a prohibition of any sleeveless blouses,anywhere except the beach.
...........just find it bizarre that women come to Mass in hot pants,tube tops,etc and the priest/Eucharistic minister will give Communion to them as well.
judgmental ?
no. simply cannot understand how they even walk around the streets this way .
P.S. you will never ever see inappropriate dress in a protestant church or even attempting to enter an Orthodox church in skimpy clothing or jeans or pants (without a tunic type top or covered with a long coat in winter).

Anonymous said...

ALL women need to read 'Immodesty: Satan's Virtue' and 'Dressing with Dignity'

Fisherman said...

I sure do hope that my comments won't offend anyone, so here goes: I do not believe for a minute that women who dress immodestly do so innocently. I'm willing to bet that at some point, whether it's at the store in front of a dressing room mirror, or in front of a mirror at home, they think something along the lines of "I look sexy in this!". Take a look at fashion advertisements and notice the open-leg poses on models, the attitudes on their faces, and their bent over poses that allow a better view down their low-cut necklines. None of it is feminine or ladylike. And yet women can't wait to run out and buy the clothing that says "I want my female attributes to be in your face". Every woman knows, when she looks in the mirror, if she's coming across as modest or sexy. When young girls want to wear daring clothes, and their mothers allow it, these girls may think there's nothing wrong with dressing that way, but they still know it's 'sexy' or 'hot' - only now they think it's O.K. to be that way. Let's quit pretending that women don't know any better.

Marilyn said...

I am respectfully addressing the woman in Rhode Island. I am happy you posted your comment on this blog. Perhaps you did so because you wish to learn more about how to dress in a ladylike manner, despite the cold climate? Women throughout history have worn dresses in cold climates, and of course, it can be done. Perhaps doing some reading on this subject, through books, websites, or Catholic modesty groups online would be useful to you. I dressed in dresses in winter, in the mountains of PA, and I know it is possible. Blessings to you in your journey!